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What to know: An action packed combination of fantasy and comedy set in medival times.
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Recommended age 10-18
110 minutes
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What a great combination of medieval fantasy and comedy! I love the time travel aspect in this action-packed, Russian film (sub-titled in English). The special effects that cause weapons to disintegrate or melt away are particularly cool. This story is about Ivan, a reluctant Wizard, who escapes modern life in Moscow by going down a water slide into the fantasy world, Belogoria. It's funny how he often hesitates to use his magic powers as he leads an adventurous life in Belogoria, with its colorful cast of characters. They include a dismembered, frozen senior wizard, a horny old witch and a courageous, beautiful young maiden. They are on a common quest to find the Magic Sword. There is a lot of good slapstick comedy, with pratfalls and other mishaps between adversaries. Also included are plenty of elaborate costumes for the king, queen and knights. The production designer created an authentic-looking castle, dungeon, cave and a foggy, enchanted forest setting. The lighting utilizes lots of candles, torches, flickering flames and a laser beam whip, all suitable for this environment. The background music adds an air of romance and homesickness to the story. My favorite part is when the old witch hurls a bunch of insulting nicknames at Ivan. She thinks he's a useless tag-a-long, who would best serve the team as a meal. The lecherous, flirtatious swamp monster is also a riot. The message here is that heroism often comes in unexpected forms and, the tongue can be mightier than the sword. I rate this film 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 10 to 18, as well as adults. This would make a wonderful addition to any KIDS FIRST! Film Festival so be sure to check it out. Reviewed by Jeff M., KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror
Ivan, an ordinary guy, who, by mere chance, is transferred from modern Moscow to fantasy land of Belogorie. This parallel world is inhabited by characters of Russia fairy-tales, magic is an inherent part of ordinary life and disputes are settled by an enchanted swords fight. Ivan turns up in the middle of the battle between light and dark forces, although it's unclear why, by everyone's opinion, he has the leading role in these events. From Russia with English sub-titles.
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