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What to know: Very dramatic short film about how love conquers hate.
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Recommended age 12-18
14 minutes
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This is a very dramatic short film about how love conquers hate. The storyline is not easy at first but, in the end, you are happy with how things turn out. The film begins with Charlotte getting hired for her new teaching job and then we see her in the classroom. Next, we see her she walking with some friends and they run into some kind of a race rally going on. They walk over to see what is going on and she is attacked by the demonstrators. Her friends come to her rescue and she ends up in the hospital, severely injured. When she returns to her class, she recognizes the father of one of her students as her assaulter. She pulls him aside and demonstrates an important message about how truth and love conquer hate. The boy doesn't know that her father is the culprit and it's a moot point. Her point is well taken in the context in which it takes place. The film is well shot and well paced. I didn't like watching Charlotte attached by the Nazi agitator. However, it's critical to the message of the film. The actors give quite believable performances, particularly Hannah Alem Davidsson who plays Charlotte. She has an underlying strength that predominates her in every scene. The background music is subtle yet enhances the scenes. The dialogue is in Swedish with English sub-titles. I recommend this to the KIDS FIRST! Film Festivals for ages 12 to 18 as well as adults and give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Reviewed by Julie S., KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror
Charlotte has got a new job as a second-grade teacher. One night she is attacked by a nazi and is severely injured. When she comes back to her students she discovers that one of her students is the son of that nazi
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