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Recommended age 8-18
92 minutes
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This film confirms how challenging parenting can be! The graphic image of traveling a random path through the starry universe symbolizes the many choices a parent and child must make in a lifetime. It exemplifies that we don't always know exactly where we are going or where we'll end up, but it will be an adventure. Kids need unconditional love. Whether they are gifted or handicapped, all kids need positive reinforcement and someone who believes in them, as well as teaches them. The music includes some very dramatic instrumentals which give the film a lively pulse at times. There is also some very soothing music that helps make the expectant mother feel better. The cinematography highlights some beautiful, lush countryside and bright sunrises and sunsets. It is very appropriate how the camera angle turns everything that the handicapped boy sees in an upside-down perspective. My favorite part is when the young magician tells the intelligent boy, "If you are good at something, don't do it for free." This advice could set the boy on a path of prosperity. The message is to appreciate all the good that your parents have done for you and, in turn, show kindness towards others. I give this film 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 8 to 16, as well as adults. It would make an excellent addition to the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival. Reviewed by Jeff M., KIDS FIRST! Adult Critic
Two Children born in same day, one in rich family named Gagan and other one in a poor family named Swami. Where as Gagan is a special child and Swamy is born intelligent. Narrators perspective is special child's poses special power, whereas Gagan has a special ability to connect people through stars while looking at sky and listens to thier mind voice. We Dedicate this movie to those great parents.
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