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PENCIL (2019)

What to know: Charming film from Singapore about friendship between two girls and the challenges they face.
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Recommended age 10-15
15 minutes
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This charming film from Singapore is about a friendship between two young girls and the test of their friendship when one does something wrong. One is more mischievous than the other and somehow, she always seems to be on the verge of getting into trouble. The mischievous one is often late for school and disruptive in class. We see the girls become disappointed in each other, then they stand up for each other and help each other out. I like that this film is based on a true story and like that the girls always have each other's back and never get mad at each other, no matter what. Kids will relate to the film and its topic of friendship. We all have experienced good and bad times with our friends and yet, we always have each other. Wonderfully produced with excellent camera work, good costumes and appropriate locations. Both the school and the local school supply store work well. The actors playing the main characters are quite believable. The message of the film is to always have your friend's back, no matter what. My one concern is that it shows a girl stealing and that is something that kids might imitate. It made me think of what might I do if I was in that situation. My favorite scene is the one when the girl catches her friend stealing and they get mad at each other. It found it interesting that the director based this story on personal experience when he witnessed his best friend stealing something from a bookshop. The universal theme of right versus wrong is portrayed easily in this short film. It is thought provoking and something that can easily stimulate conversation among tweens and teen viewers. I give this 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 10 to 15. You should be aware that the dialogue is in Chinese with English Sub-titles. Reviewed by Ivey H. and Julie S., KIDS FIRST! Jurors.
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Have you ever bought a mechanical pencil with a missing eraser? Wenxin spots her best friend Joanne stealing an eraser from a mechanical pencil at the bookshop. She faces the impossible dilemma of choosing between friendship and her moral principles.
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