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What to know: The concept of family and caring predominants this sweet storyline.
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Recommended age 5-11
15 minutes
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This storyline is adorable. Isabel searches to find a treasure and finds a friend to accompany her. What makes this film appealing is the concept. Isabel cares about her family a lot and wants to help them. Isabel is obsessed with the idea of pirates and treasure. She lives in a house that's falling apart, with her two loving parents. One day, after dinner, she runs away to find treasures in her town. She gets help from a guy that she calls punk. They both try to find the treasure. During this, the police are trying to find her because the parents called saying their daughter has gone missing. In the end, there is no treasure. She get sad and then realizes her treasure is her home. When she gets home, she tells her parents about the adventure she took and why she did it. The reason why she tried to find the treasure is so that her parents could buy a better house. In the end, her parents redecorated her room in a pirate theme. The cinematography is beautiful. There's a shot of the town that she lives in which I found absolutely beautiful. The colors in this film are primarily blues which I find aesthetically appealing. The costumes work well. The pirate costumes work well, when Isabel imagines each person as a pirate. What Isabel wears is typical of what a child her age would wear. The punk guy looks like the stereotypical punk. The set is a small German town. It's beautiful and I like that they chose that place to shoot it. The background music works quite well, with themes that sound as if we are in a medieval time period. The key characters are Isabel, Punk and the policeman. Isabel is adorable roping in people to help her with find the treasure. Punk goes along, instead of leaving her alone in the town. The policeman is funny when trying to find Isabel. He sees Punk and says that he's watching him because he thinks Punk has something to do with her disappearance. The message is to care about your family. Isabel cares for her family a lot and wants the best for them. She hears her parents complaining about their home so she tries to do something about it. It does show her doing risky things that kids might imitate, but it is fictional. My favorite part is when Isabel steals the treasure box from the man imitating a statue. When the man tries to get the box back by chasing her, it is hilarious. The director is an award winning director. I give this 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 11. It shows how important family is and it's funny. Kids would get the humor. They'll also like it if they love pirates and the concept of finding treasure. Reviewed by Carla P. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.
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Isabel runs away from home to find a treasure to finance her parents renovation works of the new house. On her way she meets all sorts of pirate fairytale characters.
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