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What to know: Wonderful scenery, props and camera work.
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Recommended age 6-18
20 minutes
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Three boys, Bruno, Claudio, and Carlitos, are playing soccer and get hungry. Bruno suggests they go on a treasure hunt so that they can trade the objects they find for money to get food. This movie kind of drags and I did not enjoy watching it. There is not a noticeable conflict to keep the viewer engaged. Also, the story gets a little confusing. But, it is different. The acting is a bit bland also. The most appealing things are the scenery, props and camera work. They used a lot of different camera angles and show a lot of different perspectives, which enhance it visually. The costumes are okay. They illustrate where it takes place, what the climate is, the socio economic status of the kids and what kind of kids they are. The set is very realistic. It appears to have been filmed outdoors, without a green screen. That made it believable, which I like. The kids sing a song that reminded me of "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall," but in Spanish and referenced elephants and spider webs. The main characters are Bruno played by Dey Zuniga Campos, Claudio played by Fabrizio Fernandez Davila Tafur, and Carlitos played by Mathias Chavez Fernandez Davila. Bruno stands out the most because he is the leader of the pack. He keeps the treasure hunt going. The message of the film is to persevere and be persistent if you want something. It does show kids doing risky things that kids might imitate. That's not so good. Aside from the ending, my favorite scene is the chicken soup scene, when they finally get food.. I do not recommend it for the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival because I don't think the storyline is developed enough at this time. It is not ready for exposition. Reviewed by Lukas L., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic
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Peru, 2018. Bruno (11) and Claudio (6) return home after a long day at school. It's lunchtime and Bruno finds nothing to eat, baffled and prey to the insistence of his brother, tries to convince him to go play and find a treasure. Upon leaving, they meet Carlitos (8), a neighbor who decides to accompany them on the adventure. The three children, give free rein to their imagination while collecting, metals, plastics and cartons that sell at the end of the day to take a bowl of soup.
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