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What to know: Amazing and creative film with an original storyline.
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Recommended age 5-18
15 minutes
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Zul is an amazing and creative film. Its story line is very original and the message is good for young people.

This story follows a girl named Zul whose lungs, at a very young age, started to rob the oxygen in her body, leading her to go through surgery. When the anesthesia hits her, she awakes in a beautiful land where she meets Mizar, a new friend that guides her through her journey. Zul asks herself, "Why am I here?" Throughout her journey, she struggles to come back to life, as her state of health is not in the best shape. Will Zul be able to return to her life with her parents and answer the question she has been asking her whole life?

I like the originality of the director, Magali for thinking of the concept of this film. I've never seen a movie with this concept, which made it appealing from beginning to end. It really impressed me how they were able to make this film so realistic, such as the way they put Zul to sleep when the image blurs as she prepares for surgery. Throughout the film, the locations and time periods change. The way they made the two actresses that play Zul look alike make the film look very professional and the great costume that Mizar wears throughout are awesome.

The locations are amazing and well thought out. The beautiful land she visits is just how I imagine that would be in the land of my dreams. The background music is very appropriate, almost mystical at times. The special effects are well executed. They make the film look realistic in every single scene. The characters Zul and Mizar really captured my attention. Zul fights for life and for what she believes in and Mizar stays with her in that special world, helping her move along through the hard times.

This film's message it to fight for your dreams to the very end. We never know how long or how short we will live. I learned from this film to fight for my dreams and to be the best version of me that I can be. My favorite part of the film is when Zul arrives at the place where she wakes and meets Mizar.

I give this film 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 18, plus adults. It has such a great message that many should see and get inspired by it. This might be of most interest for Latinos since the film's original language is Spanish, but anyone can enjoy it since it is subtitled in English. Reviewed by Hennesi V., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 17

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What�s your earliest memory? This is the question that makes ZUL, an extraordinary little girl, to take up a trip towards a magical world where MIZAR, a cosmic being, will be the guide who helps her to find answers.
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