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What to know: Wonderful animated short with great message about protecting sea turtles.
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Recommended age 2-18
8 minutes
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I love this animated short film! It has a great message about how sea turtles are threatened. It also has great animation and amazing music. What I like about the story line is how it is all put together in a way that makes the theme really clear. The playfulness between the sea turtle and the light bulb character is very cute.

The story line is about a sea turtle wrangler, Abueluna, who helps baby sea turtles reach the ocean after they hatch. When one sea turtle gets left behind, a little light bulb finds him, doesn't tell the wrangler and they get into an argument about it all and the baby turtle wanders off, almost getting killed by a car.

This animation is absolutely fantastic. The sea turtle's eyes are so expressive. I especially like the beginning when the babies are hatching and their heads pop out of the sand. The colors are brilliant. I love the turtle wranglers outfit and her moon wand. I love the sets. The streets are lit up and the beach has incredible detail! The music definitely drives the action of the story line. I love how the music is calm, then suddenly gets really dramatic! It's light and playful, just like the baby sea turtle. My favorite scene is when the little baby sea turtles pop their heads out of the sand after hatching. It's so cute!

All the characters are charming - the Sea Turtle Wrangler, the baby sea turtles, and the little light bulb. The baby sea turtles are particularly adorable and lovable.

The message of this film is about protecting baby sea turtles because their survival is threatened by both natural and man-made materials. Light pollution causes interruption of the hatchlines' natural instinct to follow moonlight into the ocean.

Although I have learned about this in school, seeing it on screen emphasizes its importance. I live near where this film was made and have attended educational seminars about sea turtles as it is an important part of my local environment. For kids who don't live hear the ocean, they are probably not as aware and this film would definitely bring new awareness to them.

I give this 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 to 11, plus adults. I think this is very suitable for a KIDS FIRST! Film Festival because it teaches you many things and is fun to watch. Any festival near the ocean would be particularly interested in it. Protecting the environment and the animals that live here is so important. Reviewed by Selene W., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

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A wide-eyed, newborn sea turtle named Fin finds himself on the illuminated beaches of Miami. It is a perilous time to be a hatchling, with hazards of artificial light and debris present at every turn. With the help of Abueluna, his caring, celestial guide, Fin will make the daring trek from his cluttered nest to the open seas.
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