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What to know: A bouncy, fun collection of songs for the younger set, with lots of positive messages, sweet accessible vocals and pop-flavored production values.
Recommended age 2-5
24 minutes
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Songs for a Healthy Mind and Body is a positive, fun and educational collection of music that young children can both groove to and learn from. All the songs have their own unique sound and feeling that makes them special. There are many important messages included in the songs. It is refreshing for me, as a teenager, to listen to music that promotes a healthy mind and a healthy body, even if it isn't geared towards my age group.

A few of my favorite songs are "Beautiful Beautiful Day," "Fruits and Vegetables" and "Celebrate Everybody." They all have very powerful and significant messages incorporated into them. "Beautiful Beautiful Day" teaches kids to be grateful that you are alive and healthy and to embrace the fact that today is a new day. "Fruits and Vegetables" demonstrates the importance of healthy eating for kids. Finally, "Celebrate Everybody" encourages diversity and educates the importance of accepting people for who they are, regardless of their race or what they look like on the outside.

The lyrics on this CD are influential and educational and there is also a lot of fun and childish innocence in them. The album has a fairly diverse mix of sounds made up of tropical sounds, country sounds and much more. The music is cheery and energized, with many of the songs encouraging kids to dance.

I give Songs for a Healthy Mind and Body 4.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 to 6. Even though the songs are meant for younger kids, I had fun listening to them. The sentiments within the songs are sentiments that everybody should hold onto and think about regardless of their age. It's essential that kids are taught how to act in order to prepare them for a better future. Music affects the way people perceive the world, especially when you're young, so it is crucial that kids listen to music with kind and encouraging attitudes. Parents can feel assured knowing that their child is listening to a healthy, yet entertaining soundtrack, with positive messages when they let their children listen to this CD.

Reviewed by Ella L., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 15

On this CD, everyone get ready to move and grove to a whole new world with fun filled songs that tell us how to eat healthy and feel great, while having a fun time with our friends. The songs are ready, so turn them on and dance to the amazing beat that lies in Kendra K.'s Songs for a Healthy Mind and Body.

These songs are superb. Each one is very quick with a cute rhythm and rhyme to it. They also have fun morals for kids that want to learn how to eat right, learn how to get in shape and work out in fun new ways. This is one thing I enjoy, because it can help if we start healthy habits at a young age.

The first thing I noticed is the cover. I adore that it is so colorful and vibrant. It is also full of animated kids and animals. Singer and song writer Kendra K. stands out because she is a live, non-animated person on the cover. We get to see who she is and what she looks like in person. This is one thing that I found endearing, because it gives us a chance to get up close and personal with the artist of the songs we are listening to.

Even though I like all the songs, my favorite is Number 5, also known as "Be Kind." This song helps kids know their manners and how to treat others with kindness. This song is not only fun to listen to, but the moral behind it is fabulous.

I recommend this CD for ages 4 to 9 and give it 5 out of 5 stars. It is available now, so look for it.

Reviewed by Morgan B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 14

Kendra K. has delivered a bouncy fun collection of songs for the younger set with a positive message entitled 'Songs for a Healthy Mind and Body' and she hits the rubber nail on the head. Sweet accessible vocals and pop-flavored production values will have the crowd going crazy and eating fruits and vegetables, not throwing them. Step away from the TV, crank up the turntable (huh?) and dance, dance, dance, 'til the cows, cows, cows, come home! This upbeat CD is engaging for its intended age group, with lots of fun instrumentation. Absolutely positive messages, engaging and movement oriented. The songs are constructed around a theme of healthy mind and body and they all follow suit in a light pop style. Kendra K knows her young audience well, so all the songs are age appropriate. Lots of healthy exercise and healthy eating behaviors are encouraged, as well as other positive actions are modeled. She talks directly to the intended age group. I believe the artist leads and projects healthy choices for young people. Kendra K's voice is sweet and soothing. The production value supports her songs with fun arrangements. This album will be worn out by repeated listening, which is a good place to be when motivating youngsters. This definitely meets and exceeds the KIDS FIRST! criteria, is pretty well produced and entertaining. Recommended for ages 2 to 5 and 4 out of 5 stars. Reviewed by John Wood, KIDS FIRST! Music Specialist.
Songs for a Healthy Mind and Body is a music album written and recorded by children's music artist Kendra K. The songs are all about health and wellness of the mind and body. The songs teach kids about the importance of exercising and being active, eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, positive thinking, having good manners, respecting others and oneself, and being kind and loving to other people.
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