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What to know: Existentialism in action in this short film that leaves you asking what happened.
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Recommended age 13-18
7 minutes
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The concept of this short film is quite interesting and leaves you with a question in your mind about what actually happened, or didn't happen. We see a woman enter a room and when she tries to leave, she finds herself in a loop, an endless loop.

The set and costumes are very generic and modern - vanilla. You could be anywhere. I didn't realize it was a break room until I read the plot synopsis. It really could be anywhere. An airport ante room. A room at a mortuary. It's devoid of personality and so is the woman. I felt as if it took place in the "Twilight Zone."

The camera work is well done. The background music is very present and helps establish a sense of dread. The visual effects are well executed and kind of intentionally funny. The protagonist is a woman who sort of blends in with her environment - all becoming one. I enjoyed the overly dramatic way one version of the woman fades away at times. The most compelling shots are those with two versions of the same woman. It makes you wonder whether she is real or not. And then, the loop continues.

The message is that time is our true master. I recommend this for teens and young adults, who will find it evokes an interesting dialogue. I give this 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it to ages 12 to 18. Reviewed by Calista B. and Julie S.

On an ordinary day, an average office worker goes to the break room ...but she can never leave it! What happens when the time stops obeying.
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