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Recommended age 12-18
91 minutes
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I really enjoyed the story and I have to admit that, besides Harry Potter, I am not big on stories of dragons and warlocks. This was engaging and entertaining and I really like how well the conflict is resolved. The characters are engaging and the dialogue holds your attention, especially the humor. There is also a message of friendship and teamwork and good winning over evil. I give this 3.5 points out of 5 and recommend for ages 12 through 18 years old.
After discovering a mysterious old hermit in an abandoned coal mine, four friends searching for their missing classmate team up with him to fight off the machinations of a local businessman using dark magic to further his sinister ambitions. A young boy who has lost his belief in magic, an old man who has lost his faith in humanity....together they must face down a powerful evil.... When their classmate goes missing, four pre-teen friends set off into the wild countryside outside their remote Welsh village where they stumble into a disused coal mine. Inside they are terrified by the presence of a decrepit old hermit who looks at least a hundred years old and smells like a thousand cigar smokers. They run in fear and soon find themselves lost in the cavernous and obsidian dark of the mine, to their surprise the Old Man finds them and leads them to the exit. They explain about their missing friend but the Old Man has heard or seen nothing of him. He tells the friends he is waiting for something or someone but cannot remember what it is, just that he knows he is supposed to be here right at this moment.
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