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What to know: Wonderful series and this DVD is a fave! Lots of cool informatiohn, team-working, and under-the-sea adventures.
Recommended age 2-12
66 minutes
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I like the Octonauts: Ocean Adventures because the animation is so cute and the characters are super funny. It can get a little repetitive for older kids when you watch more than a couple episodes, but I think little kids would want to watch all six episodes on the DVD. I really like how each episode shows the actual animal, and not just the animated one. It allows viewers to get a better idea of what the animals looks like in real life.

This DVD has different episodes about a specific animal that lives in the ocean. The Octonauts, featuring Captain Barnacles, ex-pirate Kwazii (a cat) and medic Peso (a penguin) go on a bunch of adventures under the ocean. In one episode, the Octonauts help two very competitive shrimp that are fighting, become best friends. In another one, a confident polar bear goes underwater with Kwazii and Peso to talk to little worms they meet and look for one worm that sank to the bottom of the ocean. Other characters, like an otter, help Kwazii search for parts after their ship crashes to the bottom of the ocean. It's a very fun DVD because there is a lot of action and you always want to know what will happen next.

All of the characters have their own personality, such as the penguin, named Peso. Peso is very scared, but Kwazii (the cat) is not afraid of anything. I love how all of the characters are so different from one another. It reminds me of some of my friends who like different things than I do, or have a shy personality. Even though we are different, we still have fun together. My favorite part about this DVD is when Peso gets so scared of the huge "monster," but it's not quite a monster. You'll have to watch the DVD to find out what the creature actually is. I also like the blobfish who always wants food--especially worms--but is so slow he often misses out on a snack. That character is probably the funniest part of the DVD.

The message of this show is: if you work together, you can even save people's lives. It's amazing what you can do when you work together. Even if you different from one another, you can still use the strengths of each person in the group to be successful.

I give this DVD 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 4 to 9. This DVD is out now, so go look for it.

Reviewed by Cadence G., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 11

I was absolutely thrilled with the stories told in the DVD Octonauts: Ocean Adventures. This series of tales is full of twists and turns that will keep you engaged throughout the six action packed episodes. You will have tons of fun and learn valuable lessons along with the Octonauts, Captain Barnacles, ex-pirate Kwazii and medic Peso.

Octonauts: Ocean Adventures follows a team of underwater explorers that save ocean life and protect their habitats. The Octonauts help all animals and sea life ranging from the predatory mantis shrimp to the wiggly bomber worms. While doing this, the gang faces troubles such as transportation breaking down and fights between other animals. Even though the troubles seem tough, the Octonauts always manage to come through and learn skills to help them in life.

In this DVD, we are introduced to six episodes: Mantis Shrimp, Kelp Monster Mystery, Bomber Worms, Loneliest Whale, Operation Cooperation, and Spinner Dolphins. Each episode tells a unique story. I truly enjoyed each episode and did not get bored with any of them. The fun ocean setting captivated me, since there are so many things that are unknown about the ocean habitat. I was happily surprised when I heard the voices of all the characters. Instead of having high, cartoonish voices, the Octonauts voices are deep, and some even have accents. I particularly liked Captain Barnacles' English accent voiced by Ross Breen. That isn't the only audible thing I enjoyed. I was very entertained by the music. It sets a tone and makes situations seem much more relaxed, dire or whatever the mood may be. The clever theme music composer Darren Hendly is to thank for the catchy intro. Lastly, I really appreciate the animation style in this show. It is funny and adorable, without giving a fake impression of how these animals truly look.

The message behind these episodes is that, even when there are problems that seem tough and unsolvable, you can count on teamwork and kindness to always help you out. If we all help each other out, the problems can be fixed and you can gain important lessons from them.

I give Octonauts: Ocean Adventures 5 out of 5 stars and I recommend it to ages 6 to 12. This collection can be found on DVD and Digital now.

Reviewed by Allison B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13

I am a big fan of the Octonauts series and this DVD is one of my favorites. It never gets boring and kept me looking forward to the next episode.

Octonauts: Ocean Adventures is about a team of under-the-sea adventurers. They explore, rescue and protect everything in the ocean. We follow them along many expeditions like cleaning the ocean and helping a lonely whale. Episodes include Mantis Shrimp, Operation Cooperation, Kelp Monster Mystery and more. The DVD runs about an hour, so it is the perfect amount of entertainment for a younger audience.

This is such an educational, yet fun DVD. I learned about animals that I had no idea even existed! Children will enjoy it, and so will others! It is great for the whole family to watch. The animation is simple, yet adorable, and the sea animals are darling. There are a lot of episodes in the Octonauts series and, just when you think that you have learned it all, NCircle Entertainment always throws more stuff at you to learn, and you're having a blast doing it. The characters' voices in Octonauts fit their personalities perfectly. Simon Greenall has a flawless, bold polar bear voice, Paul Panting plays a wonderful, gentle penguin and Bob Rackstraw voices a magnificent, dare-devil cat. My favorite episode is Bomber Worms because I learned about this animal for the first time and how interesting and unique they are.

There are many positive messages throughout the DVD including teamwork, friendship, being adventurous, and loving animals.

I give this DVD 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 through 9. This DVD is currently available.

By Katherine S., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12

The Octonauts: Ocean Adventures is such a fun and educational DVD! It offers a good mix between learning about marine life and entertaining younger kids. This series will entertain kids for more than an hour while they explore the world's oceans.

Octonauts: Ocean Adventures is about a team of adventurers called the Octonauts that explore the world's oceans, rescue the creatures who live there and protect their habitats on land and sea. The DVD includes 6 episodes of fun, underwater adventures that teach kids all about the oceans and many of the animals that live there.

The protagonists in the movie are Captain Barnacles (Simon Greenall), Kwazii (Rob Rackstraw), an ex-pirate and a doctor named Peso (Wayne Grayson). Other animal friends show up on different episodes to join the Octonauts on their various quests. My favorite episode was The Loneliest Whale because I love how the Octonauts help the lonely whale, named Joe, find other whales and food. It is really heart-warming. The characters are all really nice, sweet, open-minded and have hearts of gold. While I love the main Octonauts, my favorite characters are Dashi and her little sister Koshi, because they work well together, have a great bond, love the same things and can relate and understand each other. The animation is so fun that it makes you feel like you are on missions with the Octonauts. The setting under the sea is really beautiful with neon colors that kids will love watching. It is really creative how everything the Octonauts use, such as the Octopod and the Gups, look like real animals.

This DVD encourages friendship, kindness and teamwork. The message across all episodes is that when you have kindness you can build great friendships and that teamwork is really important because it helps you get the job done faster. This movie has a G rating and there isn't anything parents need to be warned about.

Octonauts: Ocean Adventures is a great show for younger kids. Kids will definitely learn about the world's oceans, smarine life and how to be great friends and work together. I rate it 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for kids ages 2 to 8. This is out on DVD now, so make sure you go check it out.

By Tiana S., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 9

Octonauts Ocean Adventures is an exciting educational DVD that follows the adventures of a team of friends that explore the world's oceans. It is comprised of six colorful and fun episodes including titles such as Kelp Monster Mystery, The Loneliest Whale and Operation Cooperation. Follow the crew in this action-packed series as they explore mysterious ocean life, learn about and rescue curious sea creatures and teach us how to protect their environments and habitats. The team is lead by Captain Barnacles, the bravest polar bear you will ever meet and always the first to rush in and help whenever there is a problem to be solved. Other characters include Kwazii - the daredevil cat, Dr. Shellington - the coolest marine biologist sea otter around, Dash dog - a sweet natured IT officer and Tweak - a bunny who's ready to lend a helping hand. From their underwater Octopod, they are always ready for excitement and the challenges that await them in the deep blue sea. The DVD's run time is 66 minutes and includes menu options such as episode selection and comes with a colorful booklet with information about The Octonauts and other shows from NCircle Entertainment. This series is highly recommended for any child that enjoys colorful characters, fun songs, adventure and learning about the ocean and its creatures. I give Octonauts Ocean Adventures 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 4 through 10. It's available on DVD now, so check it out. Reviewed by Eli B, KIDS FIRST! Juror.

Octonauts: Ocean Adventures is a DVD collection of episodes from The Octonauts, a group of sea creatures lead by Captain Barnacles to go on exciting missions all across the world. This is a highly educational show, though this fact is hidden in many fun and informative adventures. Kids enjoy the mindful characters and upbeat music while learning a lot.

All the characters are engaging and interesting. They have good interpersonal relationships. The storylines oftentimes highlight problem solving-skills and thoughtful learning. The characters work together as a team, which is great modeling for kids to see. The animation has bright colors and backgrounds. The backgrounds make the film really interesting and fun to watch. The music is very catchy and any child who has heard it will recognize it immediately. It's definitely danceable for both preschoolers and young elementary school aged. The music is very much a highlight of the show.

Of course none of these stories would happen in real life, as it is a fictional cartoon. Captain Barnacles and Dashi are the most memorable characters in the series. They are mindful, personable characters. My favorite part is when they're surrounded by all the creatures that want to eat Little Jimmy and they try to fight off the creatures. They use the boat to get out and are followed to the main ship and then they turn on the lights. Captain Barnacles is a brave person and a true leader. He helps people when necessary, especially people in need. Always help people in need when you can is a prominent message in each episode. I learned all about bomber worms and how they use flares to defend themselves and signal their friends. They live in the middle of the trench because if they go to the bottom they can't swim back up and can easily die.

I give Octonauts: Ocean Adventures 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 to 9. It is available now on DVD so look for it.

By Hanna M., KIDS FIRST! Adult reviewer

The Octonauts are a team of adventurers who explore the world s oceans, rescue aquatic creatures and protect their habitats - from the bustling eco-system along the Amazon River to the deepest depths of the Mariana Trench. Deploying a set of aquatic vehicles, Captain Barnacles, daredevil ex-pirate, Kwazii, medic Peso and the rest of the crew embark on missions around the globe before returning safely to their home base, the Octopod. On this exciting DVD, join the Octonauts as they journey to the Midnight Zone to rescue a bomber worm! Come along with Dashi as she teams up with her sister, Koshi, so solve a mysterious disappearance. And when Shellington crashes the Gup-D, he and Kwazii team up to pick up the pieces. Enjoy these adventures and more with the Octonauts!
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