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What to know: Impeccable arrangement and performances.
Recommended age 0-5
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I like the CD The Baby Mine Project: A Lullaby Collection, because it reminds me of listening to my church choir. All the songs are very calming and relaxing. They are perfect if you're feeling stressed out or, for a baby having a hard time falling asleep. I will listen to this again when I need to take it easy and take a break from a challenging situation.

Some of the songs are about being brave and doing things by yourself and being confident in yourself. Other songs make you want to go to bed. I definitely can see playing this CD if you have to put your baby or younger sibling to bed. It would probably make a kid stop crying because it's soothing to listen to.

My favorite song is "A Million Dreams" because it is the cover song from the musical The Greatest Showman which I love. I always love hearing songs sung by a variety of people because each sings it differently and that is so cool and interesting. I especially enjoy the version of "A Million Dreams" which delivers it in a way I've not heard before. All of the singers on this CD have beautiful voices.

The message of this collection of songs is to always believe in yourself, even if things are hard. You just have to push to get through them. Sometimes I do not feel confident in myself when things get really hard, but I keep telling myself "you can do this," it keeps me moving forward.

I give The Baby Mine Project: A Lullaby Collection 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 to 12 plus adults.

Reviewed by Cadence G., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 11

I can't name an album that sounds as angelic and ethereal as The Baby Mine Project: A Lullaby Collection. This collection brings back a desire to crawl into my mother's arms and be cradled to sleep letting the world around me slow down exponentially in the process.

The Baby Mine Project's mission is to support the health and wellness of children in underserved areas of Africa while providing them a source of comfort through the development of music and art. This CD is produced by Aaron Safer and David Shipman, along with Grammy nominee Chris Jay. It includes 13 songs by various artists including the African Children's Choir. You might recognize some of the songs in this collection as they are renditions with a heavenly delicacy from classic Disney songs.

I adore the celestial background music going on behind the lead singer in multiple songs. It adds an extra divine layer to the song. It feels like I am laying down on an open field of flowers and angels are flying about and singing to me. Sometimes I imagine that I am being lifted into the kingdom of heaven. I can only imagine how the little cherubs that get this lullaby played to them as they drift off into peaceful sleep might feel. One of my favorite songs in this collection has to be You'll Be In My Heart sung by Kristen Michelle Wilson, originally from Disney's Tarzan. I've fallen in love with Disney songs like that throughout my childhood so to hear it in a lullaby rendition makes me fall in love with it all over again, in a completely different way. I also love the song You Are My Sunshine sung by Julia Ceslee Marie as the cute vocals are backed with a ukulele to make a super sweet song. I also can't forget to mention Hushabye Mountain sung by Robyn Adele Anderson for its fantastically mysterious sound. Overall this collection is one I would listen to on my own. I have already listened to it twice and I am currently listening to it as I write this review.

I rate this CD 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for infants to age 3. You can purchase The Baby Mine Project: A Lullaby Collection as a CD or digital at At least 50% of the gross proceeds go to The Baby Mine Project and the project is partnered with Ovi Childrens hospital, a non-profit hospital for Kenyan Orphans with life threatening illnesses. You can also listen to the complete collection on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music or purchase it on Itunes.

Reviewed by Anokhi L., KIDS FIRST!, age 18

The Baby Mine Project: A Lullaby Collection is a finely crafted, produced and performed album of original and classic melodic tunes guaranteed to gently nudge your little one to sleep. The addition of The African Children's Choir and the Kenyan Boys Choir is a treat along with a talented array of terrific vocalists. Deft arrangements and instrument choices are spot-on and perfectly support our journey to Dreamland.

Impeccable arrangements and performances. Since this is a lullaby album, I certainly recommend it to parents who are seeking quality music for their child that will grow with them.

The quality of the material coming from a variety of sources flows extremely well. The intelligent song choices, whether classic or original, fit the lullaby genre like a glove. Themes of peace and love permeate, along with gentle reminders that the little ones are being watched over and cared for. Again, it comes around to the soothing production and the terrific vocal performances.

Lullabies are an individual choice for parents to utilize as an aid for creating a soothing transition to dreamland and, in some cases, represent music, styles and artists they want to expose their child to. All the songs contained are terrific and carefully chosen and performed very well. It is lovely recorded.

Bottom line: the child is hopefully asleep - mission accomplished. As a fundraiser for the non-profit Baby Mine Project the purchase of this album supports children in Africa and beyond. Kudos to the creators for doing that. I give The Baby Mine Project: A Lullaby Collection 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 0 to 4. Reviewed by John Wood, KIDS FIRST! Music Specialist

Produced by Grammy nominee Chris Jay, David Shipman, Aaron Safer and Music Arranger Jamsheed Master, The Baby Mine Project: A Lullaby Collection is the first major fundraising campaign for the recently established non-profit whose mission is to support the health and wellness of children in underserved areas of Africa while providing them a source of comfort through the development of music and art. Curated by The Baby Mine Project's creator and co-founder Shipman, the collection features a diverse group of U.S. artists and African children's choirs coming together in a compilation of familiar and new songs designed to provide comfort and soothe the listener, regardless of age, all for a good cause.
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