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Christmas with a Crown is a lighthearted Christmas fairy tale. When their two worlds collide in a small town during the Christmas season, Cassie and Nicolas must work together to make their dreams come true. It is a story about love, the importance of family and the true meaning of Christmas.

This holiday film is about a woman named Cassie (Lisa Durupt) who returns to her hometown to visit her dad (John Treleaven). When she learns her community's, beloved library is in danger of closing forever, she decides to take on the Holiday Winter Festival that her mom used to do each year to raise enough money to save the library. She meets a stranger named Nicolas (Marcus Rosner) who decides to help her take on the challenge of getting the festival ready in time for Christmas. As they work through their own personal problems time is ticking on the deadlines for their decisions. Little does she know he is keeping a royally big secret.

One of my favorite scenes is when Cassie and Nicolas are ice-skating together. The rink setting is beautiful when the light hits the snow which creates a soft glow and forms a romantic mood. The skating rink is decorated with trees and lights that fit the mood of the Christmas season. I also enjoy the way the characters interact with each other. Cassie and Nicolas's relationship creates an interesting storyline. Their roller coaster relationship keeps it intriguing. Cassie's relationship with her dad is also heartwarming and touching. It really reflects the importance of family that the movie tries to stress. I like how the film has a surprising twist that involves how the two main characters families are intertwined.

The message embedded in this film is that people should follow their hearts. A lot of times, following your heart may not be easy, but it can be worthwhile in the long run. Both Cassie and Nicolas are facing difficult decisions. Just like these characters, ordinary people often face decisions where they are being pulled in different directions by other people and must decide for themselves what is right for them.

I give Christmas with a Crown 4 out of 5 stars. It is somewhat predictable, but it has interesting twists that keep it entertaining. I recommend this film for ages 12 to 18. Adults who enjoy Christmas movies will enjoy it as well. The movie will be available December, 2020 on digital and DVD.

By Carlee S., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 15

Christmas With A Crown is full of Christmas spirit. The cast and sets are amazing and it really put me in the Christmas mood.

The story follows Cassie, a woman living in New York, who decides to spend Christmas in her hometown, Winderville, and an undercover prince, Nick, who wants to find out about the 'winter festival,' a tradition, created by Cassie's late mother, celebrated on Christmas Day. When it looks like the town's library is on the verge of closing, Nick and Cassie might just have to join forces to bring it back. How will Nick's mother react? Will they save the library? Watch Christmas With A Crown to find out.

The cast and sets are great. The actors are all amazing and play their characters to a high and realistic standard. Lisa Durupt stars as Cassie and, although she has been in many films and TV shows, this is one of her first starring roles, and she performs amazingly well. Marcus Rosner (Once Upon A Time and Arrow) joins her as the undercover prince, Nick. He plays his part to a very high standard considering he had to play his role in both an English and American dialect, switching regularly between both. The sets are my favorite, especially the ice skating rink where Nick and Cassie share their thoughts about their homes, families and Christmas traditions. My favorite part of the film is when Arthur, the prince's right-hand man, finds out Nick is pretending to be a 'commoner' in Winderville. His reaction is priceless. The Christmas music in the background made me want to get up and dance. It really makes me wish it was Christmas today.

The message of the film is that two is better than one and that you shouldn't hide away the truth from the people that care about you.

I give Christmas With A Crown 4 out of 5 stars. It is enjoyable but quite predictable. I recommend it for ages 6 to12, plus adults. This film is available on Digital and DVD December 1, 2020. Look for it.

Reviewed by Katie F., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 11

Christmas with a Crown is sure to be a holiday classic! With romance, conflict, comedy and some nutmeg, this film leaves us wanting more. It's the perfect film to get you into the Christmas spirit.

When Cassie (Lisa Durupt) returns home for the holidays and finds out the local library is in danger of shutting down, she carries out a plan for a Christmas festival as a fundraiser. She meets and falls for tourist Nicolas (Marcus Rosner), who is hiding his true identity of being a prince. They work together to get the festival ready in a short amount of time, with the help of the town.

The film really brings meaning to Christmas. Cassie follows in her mother's footsteps of hosting the yearly Christmas festival, remembering how "Christmas starts with us." Nicolas really learns the importance of family and the holidays, how Christmas is a feeling, not a place. His butler really steals the film! Arthur (Michael Lazarovitch) has the perfect timing with his snarky comments. How he reacts to this town which is completely different than what he's used to. His bewilderment is awesome. The funniest scenes are Arthur and Nicolas talking, with Nicolas switching accents, from Veronian to American. Their friendship is strong, and develops from master and servant to best friends. Along with a great romance between protagonists, there's a great friendship to watch as well.

The phrase "Christmas starts with us" is repeated throughout the movie, which is the message of the film. Nicolas learns from Cassie that Christmas traditions are the ones you make, along with the memories. There are no audience warnings for this film.

I give Christmas with a Crown 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 10 to 18 plus adults. It is available December 1, 2020 on Digital and DVD.

Reviewed by Heather S., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 14

Christmas with a Crown will warm your heart. The story captures love, the importance of family and tradition all in one holiday package.

The story follows Cassie heading back to her hometown for the holidays when she learns that the Christmas festival, her late mother's passion project, is no more. She quickly gets to work to recreate the event in her mother's memory and to help raise funds for the struggling library. She meets Nicolas, an out of town stranger who helps her plan the event. As they grow closer and Christmas grows near, Nicolas works up the courage to tell her his royal secret.

Cassie (Lisa Durupt) and Nicolas' (Marcus Rosner) love story takes the focus, with settings and scenes of the film fading into the background. Arthur (Michael Lazarovitch) plays a strong supporting role with a nice touch of amusement. Walt (John Treleaven) and Melinda (Diana-Marie Stolz) support Cassie on her journey towards the event and give off vibes that a little love might be bringing them closers as well.

Christmas with a Crown showcases the importance of family and tradition, especially during the holidays. The initial meeting of the main characters shows a bit of rudeness, but that quickly dissipates and the remainder of the Christmas with a Crown features only the positive message of family, teamwork, working towards a common goal, and tradition.

I give Christmas with a Crown 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 to 18. It is available December 1, 2020 on Digital and DVD.

By Angela G., KIDS FIRST! Reviewer

Cassie and Nicolas are from different worlds. All Cassie wants is to revive her town's Holiday Winter Festival, a tribute to her mother, who created the event many years before. Hope strikes when she meets a mysterious visitor, Nicolas, who has an interest in holiday tradition. But Nicolas has a secret: He's a Prince. It's going to take a Christmas miracle of Royal proportions to save the day.
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