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A must-listen for all families, Tai Asks Why explores unique topics and provides listeners with knowledge they didn't even know existed! I specifically enjoyed the high-quality narration, exclusive interviews of professionals...and the fun puns thrown in that made me laugh.

Tai Asks Why is hosted by the show's namesake, Tai Poole, an award-winning child podcaster and "mathlete." Each episode of the podcast goes into detail about one intriguing concept in life and asks important questions about it. These topics range from love and d�j� vu to climate change and trusting our gut.

Tai's enthusiasm for learning, specifically in mathematical concepts, is palpable, and the listener also has fun along with him! Though he can stray a bit far from the mic at times, reducing the volume and clarity of his voice, Poole will definitely make you smile. And Tai's younger brother Kien makes some cameos, too, and many 'aww' moments follow. Several experts are also interviewed over the course of this podcast, including Chris Mullen, a neuroscientist from Switzerland. Tai asks insightful questions, many of which I would have echoed. As far as production goes, it is evident that the sound techs on Tai Asks Why know what they are doing. Masterful SFX blending and audio control make this podcast very easy on the ears. One thing I did notice was that sometimes during the interview segments, the audio cuts are very obvious; I could tell exactly where the sound techs had cut a clip. This does not detract from the amazing auditory experience, though.

Tai Asks Why is especially important in a time like 2020, when kids are exceedingly being drawn toward media that does not enrich their knowledge. This podcast is enriching and entertaining and promotes a message of learning through fun and exploration. This podcast is also unique because it has a child host, and kids can relate to Tai's experiences.

I give Tai Asks Why 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 10 to 18. Adults will also enjoy this podcast. Tai Asks Why is available on now!

Reviewed by Eshaan M., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 14

The Tai Asks Why podcast is amazing. I love how a 13-year-old kid talks about so many interesting and questionable topics. Tai really brings something new to the table and hearing the perspective of another kid is really cool. Tai is such a curious boy and he has so much energy! The mind of a kid is so much more imaginative than regular adults.

This podcast describes what goes on around people and why those things happen to them. It gives clear explanations about many topics such as love, fear, the start of the English language, color, freckles, temperature, time and so much more. When you're looking to impress your friends with some random knowledge, this podcast is the place to go!

In this podcast, Tai talks to a psychologist, a writer, his mom, his younger brother and a bunch of strangers. Tai also digs deep into the science and history of all his topics about how our body and how the world works. In episode three, the psychologist that is brought in to discuss love is Jennifer Bartz, an associate professor at McGill University. Bartz introduces a whole new perspective on love and opened my eyes to how love really works. Another guest, in the fifth episode, is a guy named Tom Howell, who wrote a book called The Rude Story of English and some of the Oxford Dictionary. Towards the end of the episode "What is Love?," Tai makes up a little song about hugs and love, which adds a lot more spirit to his podcast and made me I definitely want to listen to more. My favorite part of this podcast is when Tai talks to the strangers at a coffee shop and asks them all about love. That is pretty funny.

The message of Tai Asks Why is about opening our eyes to the world around us and making us understand our surroundings on a new level. After listening you start seeing things differently than before and all of the information that you learned helps you become more aware of day-to-day life

I give Tai Asks Why 5 out of 5 and I recommend it for all ages. You can find this podcast online now at Trax. Https://

By Winter F., KIDS FIRST! Reviewer, age 14

Tai Asks Why, hosted by Tai Poole, offers a refreshing outlook on life that engages the childlike curiosity within me! As Tai lets his questions guide the way, I feel as though I am embarking on an exploration deep into the questions that guide our lives on a daily basis. Yet, on this profound journey, I laughed with Tai as our minds are boggled by the implications of new and fascinating scientific discoveries.

The podcast follows Tai's mission to unpack the mysteries of life ranging from personal dreams to world-wide apocalypses. Although a daunting task, Tai's enthusiasm invites his audience to feel like an active participant in his exploration.

Tai has the incredible ability to engage listeners of all ages. His younger brother, Kein, is only eight years old yet Tai uses his brother's opinion as a framework for asking more questions. To answer these questions, Tai reaches out to experts on the topic. For younger children who are Kein's age, the expert's insights may not be clear, but Tai overcomes the age barrier by explaining the concepts in a fun way, often renaming scientific ideas like the neural connection between the gut and brain as the "gut-brain's" friendship with the "head-brain." Even for those who do understand the concepts, such as myself, Tai's interpretations lighten the mood and help turn the expert's opinions into curiosity-quenching and sometimes hilarious insights into who we are.

Tai speaks to the listeners and his interviewees as though they are his best friends, not afraid to open up about tough experiences or confusing emotions. Due to this, I feel as though I have known Tai for many years and I never feel any inkling that he is a stranger.

The sound production heightens the interaction I feel with Tai and my favorite parts are the songs he sings to sum up the main points of his discoveries. The addition surprised me and I found myself leaving the podcast in a humorous and brightened mood. Even when he addresses topics like death, the song at the end offers hope in a lovable way.

I give Tai Asks Why 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 7 to 18. I feel adults will enjoy the podcast too, because there is something for everyone to learn, whether it is scientific knowledge or a new perspective that emphasizes our connection to each other and to the world around us. Check out Tai Asks Why on TRAX at

Reviewed by Sahiba K.

Little guy, big questions. Tai Poole is trying to find answers to life's biggest questions. What happens after we die? What is love? How can we fix climate change? He may not solve them all, but give him a break...he's only 13-years-old. A CBC Original podcast.
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