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87 minutes
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Lilly's Light: The Movie is a very whimsical film! It is especially creative and has many great messages and entertaining content.

The storyline is about Lilly (Sherry Hursey), who was stranded from her parents at sea and is raised by a fisherman, Uncle Fitz (LeRoy White). Lilly grows up to become a foster mom to three young children. She easily helps others and eventually takes in more kids including Daniel (Vitor Philipe). Lilly reads to her foster kids about all the adventures she has had with other kids.

I enjoyed the fun personalities of all the characters. Everyone is very bubbly. The singing and musical fun is entertaining and lighthearted. The songs are motivating and very catchy. Some songs are a little slow, but for the most part it is upbeat. There are many fun talking animals which is very appealing. I also like the computerized characters that come to life. The background music is magical with lots of sound affects showing off certain moves, songs and games. The film is adventurous and playful. The costuming is especially creative and colorful. There is a point in the film where Lilly and the kids switch to a different time period. The costuming in this era has many medieval renaissance dresses and clothing. The background and setting starts in a colorful, magical lighthouse with has tons of cool inventions. My favorite thing is that the movie promotes imagination and inventions. The film may be a bit long for its intended audience.

There are multiple messages from the film. The recurring message is that life has endless possibilities and you should stay true to yourself. Lilly had to survive and help herself by making a family out of friends. By doing this she has many lessons to teach others. You should know that the film does include topics about orphans and foster kids. You also should know that your child may sing these songs over and over again!

I give Lilly's Light 2.5 out 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 8. It is currently streaming via Gathr At Home for children and families to watch and sing-a-long together.

Reviewed by Avery P., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13

Lilly's Light: The Movie is a musical that shows people that they always need someone. The characters are fun and the songs have great messages. This film is enchanting and heartwarming.

Lilly's Light: The Movie is about a woman named Lilly, played by Sherry Hursey, who was a foster kid as a child. When Lilly becomes an adult, she uses a lighthouse to create a home for other foster children. A young boy named Daniel, played by Vitor Philipe, just lost his grandmother, his only known family member, making him a foster kid too. Lilly invites him to the family, but he declines and says he doesn't need anyone. But, Lilly and the kids take Daniel's book bag to keep him at the lighthouse long enough to convince him that he needs them after all.

The writers of Lilly's Light: The Movie uses storytelling to tell about the adventures of the foster kids. The scenes switch back and forth between the past and the present as the story is told. The set of the movie is colorful and appealing. For example, the colors of the furniture in the lighthouse give the house an artistic vibe. All of the songs in this film have a positive message. For example, the song "Life Is Full Of Possibilities" gives us the message that anything can happen in life. I like the talking goose, but the part I like the most is when Daniel realizes that he needs Lilly, because even though his grandmother is no longer with him, he has a new family now.

The message of Lilly's Light: The Movie is family isn't just your relatives, but it's the people who love and care for you. There aren't any inappropriate things to look out for in this film. This is actually a family-friendly film.

The music and the message of Lilly's Light: The Movie makes this film worth watching. I give this film 3.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to ages 5 to 13. Lilly's Light: The Movie is now playing in select theaters and virtually. Be sure to check it out!

Reviewed by Giana N., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 9

I really appreciate that it took a lot of hard work and effort to make Lilly's Light: The Movie. Sherry Hursey co-wrote and produced the film, as well as performs in the lead role. It is very creative and is like no film I've ever seen before and is suitable for young children. However, the storyline and themes may be a bit confusing for them. The film has a lot of wavering fantasies and unrealistic things mixed with realistic, half-funny jokes.

The storyline follows a girl who is raised an orphan, Lilly (Sherry Hursey) who, as an adult, opens a foster care center in a lighthouse where she takes children on wonderful and magnificent journeys and brings joy to everyone's life. She helps a boy find happiness and imagination and takes all the children into an imaginary world that they make a scrapbook of to show people in the future.

Even though I didn't resonate with the storyline, the special effects and animation are well executed. There are beautiful transitions between the scenes and the music is very original and enjoyable. There are speaking animals, which are convincing and really funny. My favorite part is when they are in an imaginary pig-style version of Camelot with talking pigs that make jokes. This part is overall hilarious and ties together the deeper parts of the film. It is a bit corny and some of the dialogue isn't very realistic and doesn't draw you into the story.

The film's message is about joy, bravery and making the best out of what one has.

I give Lilly's Light: The Movie 3 out of 5 stars recommend it for ages 6-13, plus some adults. People who really like unique and out of the ordinary fantasy films will particularly enjoy it. It is currently streaming via Gathr At Home for children and families to watch and sing-a-long together. Reviewed by Rosemary K., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12

The heartfelt film Lilly's Light: The Movie is perfect for young children. I love this movie because of the elements of magic and hope that are embedded throughout. Also, the message is clearly delivered through catchy songs.

This film follows a caring foster mother named Lilly and the keeper of a magical lighthouse. The real fun begins when members of Lilly's crew of children discover The Big Book of Little Adventures in the lighthouse basement. Inside the book, the talking pelican messenger Pel-Mel shows them Daniel, a poor orphan who isn't open to new people in his life. Lilly and her crew take him on a magical adventure where they meet the Wizard of Hog and Sir Oinks A Lot. But will Daniel loosen up and open his heart to new friends?

I really like how the film delivers strong messages through positive, uplifting and inspirational songs. This family-friendly musical is filled with colorful and playful sets that really engage young children. Sherry Hursey who plays Lilly acts with such passion and joy, she is like Mary Poppins in training!

This film conveys many uplifting messages, but the one that spoke to me most is: you have the power to change the way you think.

I give Lilly's Light: The Movie 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 7 who will absolutely love this film and be begging for a sequel. Lilly's Light: The Movie is currently streaming via Gathr At Home for children and families to watch and sing-a-long together.

Reviewed by Kayla A., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 10

I find the musical aspect of Lilly's Light: The Movie appealing, especially for a youth audience. The music will keep children engaged and the songs enhance the storyline, as well as support the moral lessons expressed in each scene. Overall, the songs fit well within the context of the film.

The storyline follows Lilly (Sherry Hursey) genuinely, who is separated by her parents on a stormy night at sea, resulting in her becoming an orphan. She does not let this get to her and she still continues to let her light shine through. Her personal experience motivates her to create a home for orphaned children at her lighthouse.

I like how the story is told non-chronologically. It made me question what was going to happen, or what I was going to discover next. The camera work is well done. Lilly's costumes are delightful! She is very eccentric and her clothes match her character. The best way to describe it is that she dresses like a cool and funky art teacher. I enjoy the location being inside the lighthouse where Lilly's style is prominent as well. The kitchen is painted variations of pastel pinks and mint green. Even the furniture is oddly-shaped and funky and it works well. The walls are painted purple and yellow. The children have beds that suit each one's personality. For example, Katie Lynn's bed is a boat. In general, the lighthouse is very colorful and the d�cor directly correlates to Lilly's personality. Something else to notice is that, in the beginning, Lilly's Lighthouse is very bland and simple. So, the contrast between what Lilly has created for orphaned children is great. I also like the small details like pillowcases are clouds, relating to the saying "head in the clouds" (aka dreaming).

Since this film is a musical, the music definitely drives the action. When there is a plot point or something important happens, the cast breaks out into a song about what just happened. For example, when Daniel is upset about his grandmother, the rest of the kids in the lighthouse describe how they create story books with their imaginations to go on adventures. Their imagination allows them to escape reality for a little bit and come together to bond in creating a story world. I enjoy how the pages in the book look two dimensional at first, then eventually come to life in three dimensions. Sherry Hursey, as Lilly, embodies light with her over-the-top facial expressions. They work well and do not feel awkward, nor forced. You can really see her happiness and love for the kids every time she sings or smiles. With that being said, I would say the actors and the set designers are the key influencers. Even the child actors are great. I love the d�cor and colors of Lilly's lighthouse. It feels fun, safe and welcoming. I love it. Some of my favorite scenes are those with the pigs. They are cute and funny, especially when the pig talks in the kids' imagination world. I also like the costumes that the pigs are dressed in. Children would love those scenes also. This film has some notable talent, including: Sherry Hursey, Mindy Sterling, Brianne Tju, Gregory Paul Martin, Hal B. Klein, Newell Alexander, Fred Willard and Philece Sampler.

There are multiple positive messages in this film: We cannot change the situation, but we can change the way we react to it. People who love you do not need to be your family; they can also be your friends. Be a lighthouse, not a candle flame. With imagination, the possibilities are limitless. Life is full of possibilities. I resonated with many of these messages myself. They are issues that we all have to deal with. You should be aware that it does address the topic of losing a family member, which may be tough for some kids. The film does not go into detail about that and it is not the focus of the film.

I give Lilly's Light: The Movie 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 6 to 12, plus adults. The film is engaging and the songs are captivating. The many messages scattered throughout the film will leave children thinking about those messages and morals after viewing. Furthermore, this film speaks favorably about the foster care program. If more foster care homes were ran like Lilly's lighthouse, children would have a more positive outlook on life and connect better with others. Reviewed by Tor F., KIDS FIRST! Adult Reviewer.

Lilly is a loving foster mom and the keeper of an enchanted lighthouse. With her spirited crew of kids, their exotic talking pets and zany friends, Lilly uses joy, love, laughter and song as her tools, and shows everyone that "Life is Full of Possibilities!" The adventure begins when two curious members of Lilly's crew discover the Big Book of Little Adventures in the lighthouse basement. Messenger-pelican, Pel Mel, brings news that newly orphaned Daniel and his pot-bellied pig, Oink, need a home. As sisters Peaches, (Mindy Sterling) and Dee, (Philece Sampler) snicker-bicker, Professor Crabbe, perfects the Illiator. Will and Al Patchitt prepare for guests, while Lilly, the kids and Uncle Fitz take Daniel on a musical journey where they meet Sir Oinks A Lot, the Wizard of Hog (Fred Willard). He discovers the secret of the lighthouse and how to turn the imaginary into magical adventure. As the adventure ends, our story returns us to present day in the lighthouse basement, several years later. We are reunited with slightly older yet familiar faces, introduced to a few new crewmembers, including cousin Kenny Patchitt (Rick Cowling), and the next chapter begins with a new spark of light. Lilly's Light is filled with original music, sparkling sets and strong message points to which children can relate. It "shines a light" on the issue of challenges facing foster children. It is an inspiring and uplifting adventure that will capture the hearts and minds of children and adults everywhere.
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