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What to know: Fantastic animated series, based on a real family (although with supernatural powers) and teaches a great message.
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Recommended age 5-12
14 minutes
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H-Squad is a fantastic animated series that teaches an amazing lesson! It has a semi-relatable plot based on a real family, not to mention the amazing supernatural abilities it displays. This is a perfect series for a film festival!

The storyline is about a family of superheroes that use their powers in everyday life. However, when the mother is busy fighting crime, the father has to raise the five kids and try to teach them how to use their powers responsibly. Sometimes, it doesn't go the way it's supposed to, and the kids have to learn lessons the hard way.

What I like about the story is that it has an issue that some parents face today, raising children alone or, most of the time, alone. However, it also includes compelling supernatural abilities that the characters have. This is a topic that a lot of people like to watch, so it's a good way to reel people in. In addition, the story was inspired by a real family. How cool is that?! It's a great way to showcase their lives while adding an interesting twist to them.

This is a 2D animated series. There are lots of scenes that are very interesting and impressive. For one, the scene when Arthur transports to somewhere different is cool. He fades out and there are only sparkles left behind. This is amazing animation, and something that is very hard to do, so props to Aaron David Harris and the rest of the animation team. Another thing that really sets this series aside from others is that this is in 2D. This element is produced when individual drawings are sequenced together over time. Therefore, someone draws all these images and puts them together. Again, this is incredibly profound.

The background music and sound effects are very good in the series. They match all of the events, and emphasize what is happening. For instance, the sound effect that stands out the most is when Arthur teleports. There are sparkling images and a sparkling sound effect when he disappears. This shows us his powers. There are many characters in this show. The biggest ones, so far, are Bria Mae, Arthur and Mr. Harris. They all are very important because they make the story progress. Bria Mae plays a big role in helping Arthur have more responsibility with his powers because she helps with his selflessness. Arthur also plays a key role because he is the troublemaker in the family, and causes a lot of the conflicts that take place. He also has the most control over his powers, which means that he can use them for many situations. The actors that play them - Crystal Cohen and Brielle Rankins - have very good chemistry, and typical of sibling relationships. The person that stands out the most is Aaron Harris who plays Mr. Harris. He is taking care of all of the kids on his own and you can hear the struggle in the actor's voice. It is clear that he is channeling some of his own experiences in his acting. Not only does Aaron Harris voice Mr. Harris, but he is the creator, director, editor, storyboard artist and the writer of the show. This is SO impressive! To do all of this, and make it look good is very impressive.

The message of this show is that with great power comes great responsibility. All of the members of the family have supernatural powers. However, without being taught how to use them responsibly, they cannot be used.

My favorite part of this show is when Bria Mae helps Arthur with his selflessness, which is essential in helping Arthur master his powers. This also shows a positive sibling relationship. Even though they fight sometimes, they are there for each other when they need it most.

I give this show 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 11. It's very intriguing and can prove to do well with this age group. H-Squad is a very kid-friendly and family friendly series with an uplifting message and a fascinating plot. Reviewed by Maica N., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

I enjoyed H-Squad because it has things that humans can't do in real life, which makes it interesting and fun to watch. It has lots of characters with different powers which makes it cool.

H-Squad is about five kids who have powers. Their mom is out on the job and their dad has to help all of them learn what their abilities are and how to use them.

I like that the powers are all different and that one kid, Austin, has a lot of powers and has trouble communicating and listening. This is all done in 2D animation, which is pretty well executed, although the colors lack contrast and definition. Sometimes there is a color bleed from characters to background. There are a lot of variations of muted brown and green. The sound effects when they use their super powers are cool. The voice-over actors are perfectly cast. I really like all the kids. When they get into fights, it really caught my attention. I like when they make up or apologize. One issue I have is that the mouth movements don't match the voices. That's a problem. I love the scene when the dad calls "You're a Hero" for help from his spouse and leaves a message saying, "Hey honey, it's me. I knew that raising kids with super powers would be hard on us and honestly, I'm not sure if I measure up." What wonderful honesty! It's a great message and speaks for the whole film. My favorite scene is when Andrew shape-shifts into a wolf and tries to attack Arthur.

The message of this film is that you're never alone, even when you're alone. You have someone there that supports you and loves you; just keep pushing through and you'll get there eventually.

I give this film 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 12. Kids would like this film and find it interesting. Reviewed by Makena P., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

A father attempts to teach his five children the value of using their superhuman abilities more responsibly. One of his children, however, needs to learn that lesson the hard way.
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