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A fun, light podcast perfect for a morning commute, Ooh, You're in Trouble will entertain listeners of all ages with its fun sound effects and strong storytelling style.

Ooh, You're in Trouble is a podcast where adults look back at their moments of teen defiance that shaped them. Each episode centers around one misadventure, a true story of a moment a young adult that broke the rules growing up and what they learned from their experience. It's an interesting answer to the question: why do we act out?

It's a show that's funny, educational, entertaining and insightful - perfectly reflective of growing up. The participants in each episode are between the ages of 10 and 25. They engagingly tell their stories, with an intricate plot buildup and super dramatic climax; they surely capture listeners' attention. Merk Nguyen hosts the podcast (in a minor role) as LV, the "little voice inside your head." Nguyen's peppy hosting helps accent each episode, though she doesn't play as big of a role as a conventional podcast host. Each episode is blended with tons of light, youthful-sounding music and effects (every episode has background music created by a different artist). The crisp editing by Hadley Dion and Aaron Garber makes the 20- to 27-minute episodes fly by! I also love the podcast thumbnails' art style, and the titles are super fun, too.

The message of Ooh, You're in Trouble is one of exploration and learning from your past doings; all of the older participants got into sticky situations as tweens or teens and grew from those mistakes. It's a positive message that's not pushed too hard, but that makes it perfect for leisure listening without sounding too preachy.

I would give Ooh, You're in Trouble 5 stars out of 5 and recommend it for ages 13 to 18. You can listen to We Got You on TRAX at

By Eshaan M., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 14

The stories in the podcast Ooh You're in Trouble are beautifully illustrated and told in a way in which you learn something and it's also exciting to listen to. I really enjoyed it. At first I thought that this podcast wouldn't be fun, as it progresses I found myself drawn in. I was learning a lot, and it is hilarious.

This podcast is told by adults and teens talking about experiences that they have had breaking or bending the rules when they were younger. The audience is asked questions too and gets to ponder what they would do in a particular situation. The people talk about their experiences, while voicing regret and also lessons that they learned from it.

This podcast is cheesy and dramatic at times, but that contributes to its overall humor and makes it more entertaining and engaging. The recurring actors on the show are always able to bring out a new voice for their character. The sound effects, variation of points of views and the difference in stories all contribute to an amazing show. I love how some of the episodes are very relatable for me, and that I find them all enjoyable regardless. They are a reasonable length and have playful, mischievous music which really sets the fun mood of the podcast. My favorite episode is one following a girl that drives a car before she has her license and all the obstacles she and her friends have to overcome to meet their goal. I find it highly impressive how well thought through some of the peoples' plans are in this podcast and how determined they are at times to get to their goal. The show is about troublemaking, but sometimes it's not pointed out that people's actions are wrong. This is beneficial, because it leaves it up to you to decide if you would do the things that they did in a particular situation, hypothetically. But, it also could be problematic in that it might give kids ideas for getting into trouble. So, when listening to it, keep that in mind. Just because it's not voiced clearly that the actions are wrong, that doesn't mean you should do them.

The message of this podcast is that troublemaking isn't always necessarily "bad," but it can sometimes get to the point where it ends badly or unsafely and you will probably regret your actions afterwards, but learn something too.

I give Ooh You're in Trouble 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 8 to18, plus adults. Ooh, You're In Trouble is available on TRAX at

Reviewed by Rosemary K., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12

Ooh! You're in Trouble is fun, but simultaneously life lessons. They are interactive and allow the listener to reflect and answer questions at the end. The audio is crisp and the production value is extraordinary.

The podcast Ooh! You're in Trouble showcases stories of kids that have broken the rules. This podcast is not about glamorizing the stories of the mischievous, but explains why kids feel the need to break the rules. The topics that are up for discussion include underage driving without a license, bullying a teacher and creating an illegal slime business. The episodes begin with a disclaimer that all the stories are true, but some names and places have been changed. After the disclaimer, there is a sleuthy song accompanied by children saying, "Ooh! You're in trouble," then the show begins.

What makes the podcast interesting and informative is shown in the episode "Not Licensed to Drive." Kate explains how she drove her mom's car at the age of 14 to go get milkshakes on a hot summer day in the Midwest. Although Kate, her sister and friend did not get caught, through Kate's reflection, she explains that it was not a smart idea. The podcast lists various other possible outcomes that could have occurred that day. The end of the podcast prompts the listener with the questions, "What would you do?

The message of this podcast is to point out that, although it may be tempting to break the rules, there are consequences that you should be aware of. By listening to those that have done it, perhaps you might rethink things.

I give Ooh! You're in Trouble 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to age 8 to 18. You can listen to it now on TRAX at


Ooh You're in Trouble is a podcast for tweens about the moments of defiance that define us. Each episode features true stories of young people confessing a moment they broke the rules growing up. From the makers of MORTIFIED, the series explores why kids defy rules -- what does it reveal about us and what can we learn from it? From sneaking out of the house past curfew to organizing a protest, these are the stories of Rebels, Rascals, Rule Breakers, and even Revolutionaries. The result? A show that's funny, educational, insightful and messy. Just like growing up.
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