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What to know: Duet is a film that children can relate to, especially the way we handle the feelings of loneliness.
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Recommended age 11-18
21 minutes
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Duet is an amazing short film that is very enjoyable. There is one beautiful heartfelt song that seems to carry out the message of the story and makes the film that much better. The actors bring so much to the plot and a feeling of a thousand words, even in their silence. Everything comes together very well. I am very impressed with this film.

The story is about two girls, May (Talia Kadoury) and Shadmit (Hili Levy), who dislike each other and are put into a situation that will change both their lives. However, this fallback creates an unbreakable bond between them.

The story is touching and is not really something you think about often. The relationship between May and Shamit at the beginning, compared to the end, develops in an interesting way. It is very well written. The sectioning of the film is also a very good move, helping the audience understand the switch in narration. The cinematography and camera work are very good. The shots of the animals impressed me the most. It adds another layer to the story by showing the bond between the two girls in a very creative way. The film takes place in Tel Aviv, Israel. The location shots seem accurate and give you a sense of what Tel Aviv looks like (especially for someone like me who isn't familiar with that city). It gives us a good sense of May and Shadmit's lives look like as children. The music of the film is great - not only the background music, but the one song that plays throughout the entire film. The lyrics and music composition are beautifully created and made me feel very sentimental. Alex Moshe, who plays older May, performs excellently; her voice is calming and makes the music feel almost like a sweet lullaby. The music makes you feel a little bit of a connection with the characters as it can relate to anyone in some type of way. The young actresses, Talia Kadoury and Hili Levy, perform beautifully and have great chemistry throughout the whole film. The story is touching, the performances are great and the music is beyond extraordinary. My favorite part of the film is when May is at Shadmit's room and they are both lying down. While May is crying Shadmit slowly gets the courage to comfort her and instead of acting how she normally did towards Shadmit, May accepts the small act of kindness.

The message of Duet is about how some difficult situations might bring two people together.

I give Duet 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 to 18, plus adults. Duet has moving story line that will bring a smile to the audience faces. Reviewed by Hazel A., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

Duet is a film that children can relate to, especially the way we handle the feelings of loneliness.

The story follows two young girls who dislike each other at first, but discover that their lives are connected in a unique way.

I like the way the film switches between the past and present. However it seems like the film is missing a few story beats. Certain things about the parents' relationship aren't explained well. I also don't understand how Shadmit knew she was May's sister, but May didn't know.

The cinematography is pretty impressive. I especially like the concert shots. I also like the shots in the doctor's office when May is scared by the posters. I felt genuinely tense watching that scene. I like the sets. However the only one that really stood out to me was in the doctor's office and that's thanks to the unnerving posters. The main song that plays during the concert scenes is very beautiful and perfectly reflects the relationship between May and Shadmit. The primary use of special effects is when the posters in the doctor's office begin to move. This looks very believable and is suitably suspenseful.

Young May and Shadmit give stand out performances. They have good chemistry and you really feel their connection. The cinematography is very high quality. I really like the music. It is very catchy and symbolic.

The message is about regretting your negative actions and feeling sorry can sometimes lead to better relationships in the future. It's more important to improve and change for the better, then wallow in regret. You should know that is some nudity shown when Shadmit draws two naked people embracing. It is highly stylized and not realistic though. The dialogue is in Hebrew and English with English subtitles as needed.

I give Duet 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 11 to 18, plus adults. Reviewed by Calista B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

Duet is the story of one fateful day in the lives of 8-year-old girls May and Shadmit, who dislike each other but learn that their lives have become oddly intertwined forever. Duet is a multidisciplinary project, uniquely integrating film and music. The story raises questions about loneliness, regret, subject memory and fate that ties two children together for a lifetime.
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