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Gigantosaurus: Season 1, Volume 2 will bring much entertainment to young dino-lovers. The animation is colorful, the storyline is full of adventures and the message is always positive.

This DVD follows the travels of four young dinosaurs named Rocky (Dylan Schombing), Bill (Nicholas Holmes), Tiny (Aine Sunderland) and Mazu (Nahanni Mitchell), who live in the Cretaceous period. Episodes include The Floating Stone, Racing Giganto, A Tiny Favor, Crying Wolfasurus, and How Giganto Got His Roar. This DVD has four hours of fun with 26 episodes.

I found the animation very appealing and really unique. It has vibrant backgrounds and a distinctive style that looks like the characters are hand drawn, but also look 3D. The voice work is very well executed. Mazu, voiced by Nahanni Mitchell, is a clever Ankylosaurus that always has a plan. Rocky, voiced by Dylan Schombing, however, just goes for it. Even his voice sounds adventurous. Aine Sunderland has a peppy and bubbly voice that fits Tiny's character perfectly. Bill, who is a shy Brachiosaurus, is voiced wonderfully by Nicholas Holmes. My favorite character is Tiny, the playful Triceratops, because she has a fun personality and I think I would be most like if I was a dinosaur in the Cretaceous period. My favorite episode is An Artist is Born, which is about Tiny's older brother finding a new passion. The award-winning series is produced by Cyber Group Studios in France and directed by Olivier Lelardoux.

There are many positive messages throughout this DVD, including the benefit of helping others and having patience, learning from trying new things and, of course, the power of teamwork and friendship.

Gigantosaurus: Season 1, Volume 2 gets 4 out of 5 stars from me and I recommend it for ages 3 to 8. Dinosaur-lovers will really enjoy is. This DVD is available now, so look for it!

Reviewed by Katherine S., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13

Gigantosaurus: Season 1, Volume 2 is a very unique DVD, based on the TV show. It has four main characters, plus Gigantosaurus, who does not speak.

This show is about four little dinos, Rocky (Dylan Schombing), Tiny (�ine Sunderland), Bill (Nicholas Holmes) and Mazu(Nahanni Mitchell) who go on all sorts of adventures together such as frozen party and finding a flower. Gigantosarus is a dino that does not talk; he only growls and roars and is generally seen as a big, mean, scary and green dino. Once you get to know him he is not such a bad guy, but he often gets blamed for things he didn't do.

This DVD is amazing. This show has truly fascinating characters and storyline. All the voice actors are really terrific. They are all adult actors yet, in the show, they sound like kids. If you listen to them and then see what they look like in person, you would be surprised. This show has lots of cool animation. It is very clear and cool looking. The background scenes are like nothing I have seen before. All are unique to this show and include scenes that show us jungle where the dinosaurs live. The growls and roars made by the dinosaurs are really amazing. They sound like a real dinosaur made them.

The message of this show is that friendship is what matters. In the end, friends will always prevail and you can count on them for anything. If you can't, they are not real friends. You should always be able to trust your friends and rely on them.

Gigantosaurus: Season 1, Volume 2 gets 4 out of 5 stars from me and I recommend it for ages 2 to 8. The DVD is available now, so look for it. This could also be a fun family show to watch with younger kids.

by Avalon N., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12

Gigantosaurus: Season 1, Volume 2 is a beautifully animated, lively and positive DVD that kids will surely enjoy! With crisp voiceovers, sweet messages and lovable characters, you'll find it difficult to tear yourself away from the screen.

The show follows the life and times of four dinosaurs - Rocky (Dylan Schombing), Bill (Nicholas Holmes), Tiny (�ine Sunderland) and Mazu (Nahanni Mitchell), who live in the adventurous Cretaceous period. And of course, the title character - Gigantosaurus. Known by the four as Giganto, this seemingly scary, yet actually kind giganotosaurus aids the four dinosaurs in their efforts. This DVD includes 26 "Dino-mite" episodes that, in total, span four hours. Episodes include "The Shortest Day," "The Best Crest," "Coco Bill" and "Patchy Sees the Light."

This DVD has some amazing, vibrant animation that goes perfectly with the tone of the episodes; that's my favorite part of the whole viewing experience. All elements are intricately drawn, including details like water droplets, nostrils and even skin texture. The voice actors show their talent in their portrayal of the various characters; you feel the emotion in the characters' voices throughout the show. When Tiny is dejected, you too feel sad. When Rocky is off on another adventure, you feel like you're along for the ride with him, and are absorbed by his happy-go-lucky tone. My favorite character is Mazu, because he's pragmatic and a great role model for kids. That's one clever Ankylosaurus! I love all the episodes, but one of my favorites is "The Best Crest," because it encourages perseverance and resourcefulness, and promotes the message that even things that seem disadvantageous have an upside.

This brings me to the values and morals that Gigantosaurus promotes. Each episode has a different focus, but courage, teamwork, friendship, perseverance, kindness and selflessness are just a few of the amazing lessons that kids are taught in this DVD.

Gigantosaurus: Season 1, Volume 2 gets 5 out of 5 stars from me and I recommend it for ages 2 to 7. This DVD is great for dino-lovers and is available now.

By Eshaan M., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 15

Gigantosaurus: Season 1, Vol.2 is such an upbeat and fun series and has the most delightful and beautiful color palette. The friendship between the dinosaurs seems very genuine.

The storyline follows a group of dinosaurs that take off on adventures and deal with struggles such as planning parties and combating seasonal allergies. These dinos have fun together and their friendship is exceedingly strong. Some of the other dinosaurs claim that Gigantosaurus is the biggest and baddest of them all, but through their adventures together they realize that Giganto is not so bad after all.

Young children will enjoy this because of the fun, different-looking dinosaurs that are also spunky and likable. Of course, the adventures are fun and definitely relatable. Most importantly, various life lessons are woven into their dialogue, making it easy for kids to grasp. Each episode flows well and certainly makes sense. The structure goes as follows: the dinosaurs encounter a problem (whether it is losing an hour of daytime or dealing with the sniffles), then the group faces obstacles, but ultimately Giganto helps them solve their problem. The material and vocabulary are suitable for the intended age group. For example, instead of using the word allergies, they call it the sniffles, since children can grasp the action of sniffling and sneezing better than the word allergies. The animation is great. The color scheme is always vibrant - light blue, green and yellow, which is also calming. The DVD cover shows a big jungle that is also shown in the episodes. The backgrounds are whimsical and vast and incorporate small details such as volcanoes and big trees. The visuals most definitely relate to the dinosaurs' jungle adventures. The user can select any episode they want, fast forward through them, or drag the buffer button across the screen. It also remembers where you left off.

The show focuses on problem-solving and not jumping to conclusions. For example, while planning a party, everything seems to go wrong, but through communication and problem solving, the dinosaurs are able to create a fun party and Giganto makes them realize, all the elements of the party do not matter, it's being with friends that makes a party. Two takeaways for children are "never judge a book by its cover" and "do not jump to conclusions."

Gigantosaurus: Season 1, Vol.2 gets 5 out of 5 stars from me and I recommend it for ages 3 to 10. Younger children will enjoy the beautiful visuals and cool, vibrant looking dinosaurs. Older ones will understand the messages, while also appreciating the visuals.

By Tor F., KIDS FIRST! Adult reviewer

Life is an adventure for 4 dinosaurs - new volcanoes are popping up all the time, long-necked brachiosauruses and enormous triceratopses roam free, meteor showers light up the night sky and the big bad Gigantosaurus reigns over it all!
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