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What to know: The misinformation we are exposed daily and globally has no boundaries.
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Recommended age 12-18
8 minutes
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Fake is fast paced, with lots of flashing images and data that reminds you of the Internet and social media. You definitely feel as if you are on the cyber highway!

This documentary talks about how much fake news is on the Internet, how easily we can be manipulated by fake news, where people get their news in the digital age, and about how much fake news there really is.

It is an interesting topic and eye-opening seeing how many people get their news from Facebook and other online sites. The cinematography is great! Love the introduction; I felt that I was part of the digital world. The introduction is definitely my favorite part; it is incredible. Well done!! The music for the introduction is fabulous. The images are also terrific. There are parts of the film, when the music is too loud. I love the bird "pecking" on the tree and the walk up the stairs and into the house. The "da,d,ad,ad,adat... really draws you in, with a very catchy tune. The film showcases all sorts different of people and made me feel like we are all in this together. The actors are more for visual effect, bringing us all together. It clearly took a lot of hard work to get this film together and give it the feeling it has. To make the point it does it needed a great music director, composer and director - which it does. Given the amount of fake news that's out there, this makes me want to explore more ways to ensure that what I am reading is in fact true. I wanted to see more sites referenced for fact finding so people would know exactly how to fact check. There is a multitude of information to read on the screen at times and some of it is up for such a short time, viewers don't have time to read it. This is definitely a great way to start a discussion about fake news.

The message is that there is a lot of fake news out there and too many people are accepting it as the "real" news.

I give Fake 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 to 18, plus adults. Reviewed by Evie K., KIDS FIRST!

No one can exactly enjoy the latest statistics regarding fake news, but I certainly appreciate the power punch of the short film, Fake. Alan Chriest has written, shot, edited and produced this wake-up-call giving "just the facts, m'am."

Fake gives a quick historical picture of "fake news," which has been around for centuries. But, with today's digital news and social media, "alternate facts" get around at least six times faster than in previous eras. And now, robotic propaganda is one of the greatest engines of misinformation.

Chriest shows how "fake news" manipulates human emotions to the will of governments, religions, racists, corporations, jealous partners and social causes that are dangerous and baseless. Chriest gives no easy fixes, but raises questions and concerns that alert viewers to impending doom if "fake news" is not addressed. People don't know what to believe anymore, what's the truth to one person may be a lie to another. Chriest give a list of resources which do fact checks, but we are reminded that personal responsibility seems to be our best survival skill.

The technical expertise, animation, computer graphics and music that went into making Fake are inspiring and they underscore the narrative with a professional bang.

The message of this film is that misinformation is alive and well globally, and that no one is immune to its negative effects. Take personal responsibility and fact check before you spread or share information.

I give Fake 4.5 out o of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 to 18, by Nancy K., KIDS FIRST!

Fake news is not new - but now it's digital. From click-bait headlines to cyber disinformation, we are easily manipulated. What do we gain and what do we lose by our unquestioned beliefs that control our actions?
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