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The Stray Story: A Dogumentary will have you in tears. All audiences will have their heart strings pulled in every which way and, by the end of the film, you'll want to get up off your couch and advocate.

The Stray Story: A Dogumentary is a documentary pieced together by multiple advocates of stray dogs. They all spread their messages to aid abandoned dogs, and to limit the number of dogs on the street. Clips include protests and interviews of ambassadors for the cause.

This film is heart wrenching and motivational. The advocates make everyone aware that they have a voice and encourage us to help those that don't. Their compassion for this cause makes us want to help any way we can. The film is also incredibly educational. Title cards with statistics help those that are not as aware about abandoned animals learn the truth about these animals. The movie serves as a master class. At the end of the documentary, you have a huge load of knowledge that you probably didn't know before. It's the perfect package to encourage anyone who wants to stand up for strays, but doesn't know how to start. The movie provides problems - some major and some that go unnoticed - while including the solutions. They share the achievements and progress of these groups, while adding how they're still not done advocating.

The lesson audiences learn is an awareness of how large the stray population is, how to help out, and how to limit that population. We're taught how every voice matters and how to use it for good. The film serves as motivation for everyone to do their part, and help all the dogs we can.

I give The Stray Story: A Dogumentary 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 16 to 18 plus adults. Playing at the Fort Lauderdale Film Festival November, 2021.

By Heather S, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 15

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In a consumerist society where everything, including man's best friend, is treated as disposable, everyday people aiding stray dogs remind us what being human(e) is all about. Through their experiences, successes, difficulties and dilemmas, the documentary exposes the problem and its solutions, while tackling the human condition in the western world.
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