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Its one-of-a-kind mix of horror, humor, intrigue and a sprinkling of mystique make The Intruder, Argentina's entry for the Oscar Awards, a spellbinding watch. With enjoyably offbeat storytelling and crisp cinematography, this film is not one to miss.

The Intruder opens with some scenes that are up to the audience's interpretation, where we meet In�s (Erica Rivas), a voice artist who suffers from troubling nightmares after her partner Leopoldo (Daniel Hendler) commits suicide. Additionally, as every time she tries to dub someone, there is electromagnetic interference (a slight hum) that ruins the recording. Fellow voice-actress Adela (Mirta Busnelli), a wizened and mysterious woman, provides In�s with a curt answer - In�s has an intruder, a being who came to her in a nightmare and was involuntarily invited by In�s to stay. She struggles in a variety of outlandish ways to get rid of this pest.

Erica Rivas provides a compelling, authentic performance as In�s, and her genuine emotion makes up for some clunky dialogue in the film. The supporting cast of Nahuel Perez as Alberto, Cecilia Roth as In�s' mother Marta, Guillermo Arengo as Ines' maestro and Agust�n Rittano as Nelson support the storyline well, with P�rez's portrayal of the sweet, yet mysterious Alberto truly taking the cake. The film gets complicated when dealing with the secondary cast, as the lines between reality and hallucination begin to blur. Confusion may arise during this segment, despite how clear each of the characters' personalities are. Music plays a large role in this film, as Alberto is charged with tuning a large church organ and In�s is part of a choir that sings some suitably haunting songs. Every musical element of The Intruder has been carefully thought through and meticulously composed by Luciano Azzigotti. The direction and screenplay by Natalia Meta are also flawless.

The Intruder is all about overcoming tragedy, bouncing back from trauma and confronting your inner demons. In�s' journey is much like that of humanity as we (hopefully) exit this pandemic and move forward. There are several sexual scenes and dark themes to watch out for.

I give The Intruder 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 15 to 18, plus adults. The Intruder is available to watch on HBO Max and Hulu.

By Eshaan M., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 15

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Ines works as a dubbing actress and sings in a choir in Buenos Aires. After a traumatic experience during a holiday trip, she develops a sleep disorder and starts suffering from very vivid nightmares. At work, the studio microphones pick up strange sounds coming from her body, threatening her career and her singing. In�s becomes paranoid as she has increasing trouble telling what is real from what is not. She begins to entertain a dangerous idea: the characters in her dreams are trying to take over her body.
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