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What to know: A Heartwarming, Inspiring Film.
Recommended age 10-18
97 minutes
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Tall Girl 2 is a heartwarming, inspiring film. It has a light happy feel to it, but still has a deep meaning and message.

The storyline continues from the original teen romantic comedy Tall Girl and features Jodi making her way through life in high school. No time has passed--however, now Jodi (Ava Michelle) and Dunkleman (Griffin Gluck) are officially dating and exploring that new aspect of their life. On top of this major change in Jodi's romantic life, she's also starring in her school's musical. Jodi must learn to juggle these new experiences, while figuring out her own identity.

The structure of the film really stands out to me. Although this is a sequel, the storyline still feels entertaining, fresh and relevant--unlike with some sequels-- and continues to grab my interest throughout. I also enjoy how different each character's personality is. For example, Harper (Sabrina Carpenter) is very confident, and knows what she wants. Whereas Stig (Luke Eisner) is more sarcastic, and still trying to figure out who he is. Representing different types of personality is a strong quality in a film--it also attracts a bigger audience, because viewers are always looking for a character they can relate to.

The message of Tall Girl 2 is to never give up on yourself. And the meaning in this story really stands out--throughout the movie they illustrate an important lesson. Overall, it's very inspiring, and makes you examine your life through a different lens.

I give Tall Girl 2 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 10 to 18. Tall Girl 2 releases on Netflix February 11, 2022.

By Mikella G., KIDS FIRST!, Film Critic, age 15

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After her inspiring speech at the homecoming dance, Jodi (Ava Michelle) is no longer just the "tall girl" - she's popular, confident, has a boyfriend, and just booked the lead role in this year's school musical. But as the pressure of her newfound popularity intensifies, so do her insecurities, and new relationships are formed while old ones are tested. As the world she built starts to crumble around her, Jodi realizes that standing tall was only just the beginning.
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