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What to know: A touching multi-generational story about three men and the sea.
SEA NEVER FORGETS, THE is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 6-16
13 minutes
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I liked The Sea Never Forgets for making me think about the idea that stories our parents or grandparents tell us may not be all that crazy after all. It makes you think about how we may treat people that have experiences we do not understand. Plus I love that there is a mermaid in it.

The story follows a grandfather, father and son who go fishing at their favorite place on the ocean. The grandfather forgets something and the father goes back to get it; disturbed that his dad is so forgetful. He even forgets to put bait on his hook and insists that he did. Then the grandfather suddenly is attracted by something in the water and goes out into the water after it. The father rescues him and brings him back to the beach, leaving him with his son while he bring the truck. While he is away the grandfather wants to tell his grandson about something that happened to him years ago, but is worried that his grandson will think that it's a crazy story and won't believe him. HIs grandson tells his grandfather that he has never lied to him, so he will believe him. When the father returns he knows that his son has heard the story and they seem concerned for the grandfather who seems to be living in his own world.

I like that the Grandfather's story seems unbelievable, it turned out to have some merit to it. It really makes you think about how we choose to trust and believe in others. I enjoyed the way that cinematography takes us along on this family's fishing trip. The costumes are perfect for a day of fishing and they all look comfortable. I enjoyed the short hike through the leafy woods that they took to the fishing spot at the ocean. The music helps move the story along without overtaking it. For the flashback scenes, it was great to see what the grandfather went through when he was younger. In the flashback scene, the special effects are not very clear, but you still get the idea of what happened. This is the weakest part visually. I like the ending.

The message is that, although it may be hard to believe fantastic stories told by our parents or grandparents, our trust in them may help show us their truth.

I give The Sea Never Forgets 4 out of 5 stars and it for ages 5 to 18, plus adults. It is nice to see a story about three generations - a grandfather, father and son sharing a day together. And the grandfather sharing his unbelievable story with his grandson, even though his son never believed it, is cool. Reviewed by Madeleine H., KIDS FIRST!

The Sea Never Forgets is a lovely short film about three men, the sea and beautiful endings. The relationship between the dad, his son and the grandfather is sure to make you smile, as it did me.

The storyline follows three generations of men - Dad, son and Grandpa - as they take off on a fishing trip together that ends with an unexpected a plot twist.

The storyline is well developed and, although a fantasy, quite believable. The camerawork is excellent, as is the audio. The beach location provides a perfect background to play out this story. The background music, although sparingly used, makes a positive impact at the opening and closing of the film. The actors are perfectly cast and their performances are quite believable. My favorite is the grandfather, who is teetering on the edge of dementia. The father's concern for his dad is something that anyone who has dealt with an aging relative can relate to. When the grandfather shares his ocean rescue story with his grandson, the visuals are simple, but effective. We are brought right into his memory as we relive his dream - his dream of being rescued by a mysterious mermaid in the water. The younger boy serves as a conduit between his dad and granddad. This short film has some well-known actors in it - Shara McGlinn (Chicago Fire) and Brian Healy (Chicago Fire). The director's son, Tristan Pace, plays the young boy, Jack.

The message of this story is to believe in your dreams, even if they take years to manifest.

I give The Sea Never Forgets 4.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 10 to 18. Julie S., KIDS FIRST!

An old man tells his grandson an unbelievable story from his life as a much younger man.
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