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Reign of Chaos is a gripping, one-of-a-kind tale that will have you intrigued. Its plot makes up for the, at times, weak production.

Reign of Chaos is a tale of anarchy. The evil Chaos has released a terrible plague on the world. Humans are descending into a rabid race of monsters, and mankind's last hope lies in three young women, descendants of a goddess who each have special powers. They must train and then use their powers to take down the great lord Chaos.

The most remarkable part of Reign of Chaos is its storyline. There are also lots of closeup and medium shots with dim lighting to complement the eerie mood. The voice modulation used on Chaos, one part of the special effects in the film, is great; it gives him a Darth Vader-esque voice that's menacing and powerful. The casting of this film is not particularly memorable--perhaps because the roles are not especially memorable--though every actor portrays their character well.

Reign of Chaos promotes resourcefulness, leadership, taking action and teamwork. The film contains violence and some profanity; the protagonists are initially a bit hostile to one another, but in the end work together and are great examples to kids watching the film.

I give Reign of Chaos 3.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 to 18, plus adults. Reign of Chaos will be available on Digital April 12, 2022.

By Eshaan M, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 16

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When the world is gripped by a plague unleashed by the evil lord Chaos, and humans are turned into rabid creatures, mankind can only be saved by three young women, descendants of a Goddess, with the power to stop Chaos' evil.
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