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Fairytale Fun Force is a magical film so full of the cutest things that I couldn't stop looking at the screen.

The film tells the story of five fairytale friends: Snow White, Pinocchio, Robin Hood, Little Red Riding Hood and King Arthur. They all have a discussion about something they heard that is very strange, and, with that, they must to go to the whole galaxy to check the situation.

I like the film because it reminds me of my childhood, and everything is so colorful! I love the characters because, besides being the cutest, they bring other children's stories with them. My favorite part is when they are going on one of their adventures, and King Arthur is looking at the beautiful landscape. I love this because when he's looking at this, his gaze is fixed, and the enchantment by what he sees is revealed. Something that I also really like is Snow White's way of handling things--she's very strong in her actions, and she doesn't lose the focus in every situation. The CGI is perfect! Very well made. The animation in the background is excellent. The costumes of the characters suit the genre of the film, and it says much about their personality. The special effects are good, and it has magic! The scene transitions are well edited, too. I congratulate the team for this beautiful animation.

The message of Fairytale Fun Force is that we do not always have the right answer at first, and that we always have someone to count on!

I give Fairytale Fun Force 5 out of 5 stars, and I recommend this for ages 5-12, plus adults. It releases on digital platforms, AVOD and DVD June 7, 2022.

By Anna Clara B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12

Hilarious and enchanting, Fairytale Fun Force is a fun watch for the entire family.

Familiar storybook characters we all love go on a quest to explore a potential problem that could threaten the universe. Will Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Robin Hood, Pinocchio and King Arthur save the day?

This film is perfect for a family movie night, with a perfect mix of action, comedy and adventure. Viewers and fans of parodies and remakes such as the show Once Upon a Time will obsess over this movie. While the characters are familiar and recognizable in appearance I love how the writers molded them with new personalities and quirks. It is like rediscovering these childhood classic favorites all over again. My favorite character in this film is Snow White. While I might be biased since she is one of my favorite Disney Princesses she brings so much to the plot of this film. Speaking of the plot, it is really exhilarating and kept me on my toes. The comedy and punch-lines landed every-time, which is greatly appreciated.

The message of Fairytale Fun Force is just that - have fun as you journey through the unpredictability of life. See the obstacles as opportunities to learn, grow, make new friends and maybe even save the Galaxy.

I give Fairytale Fun Force 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 18, plus adults. It releases on digital platforms, AVOD and DVD June 7, 2022. You don't want to miss it.

By Ashleigh Clyde, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 18

Fairytale Fun Force is a cute and colorful cartoon made to entertain young children. Using our favorite fairytale characters and fairytale places, Fairytale Fun Force is an enjoyable animated film.

When Captain Snow White realizes that her dreams, and her crew's dreams, have disappeared, she sets off into space to find out if this is happening everywhere. She learns that a strange monster is stealing their dreams. From traveling to the Cheshire Cat in Wonderland to Dorothy in the Great land of Oz, will they find this monster? And will anyone stop them?

Written and directed by Kelly Little and produced by Albert Burrows, Fairytale Fun Force includes character voices shared among a few people. The main cast includes Kesley Painter, Simon Hill, John Thompson and many more-- I love seeing all the different characters together. The animation directed by Emanuel Barros is excellent. The colors and bright lights in this film really draw our attention.

Fairytale Fun Force teaches how when you work together, you will be victorious.

I give Fairytale Fun Force 3 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 12. It releases on digital platforms, AVOD and DVD June 7, 2022.

I really enjoyed Fairytale Fun Force with its upbeat storyline and well developed characters. It is a fun spoof on many popular children's stories and movies that, when combined, create a unique story.

Fairytale Fun Force follows five characters from popular children's fairytales - Snow White, King Arthur, Pinocchio, Robin Hood and Little Red Riding Hood - who are out to save the world from a thief that is stealing dreams.

The film's structure is well developed and easy to follow. The setting takes place on a spaceship with the characters visiting various fictitious planets that are based on fairytales and popular children's books. The storyline flows well, draws the viewer into the film and is unpredictable. The characters will be familiar to most children as they are from well-known fairytales that familiar to most audiences. It is easy to recognize the origin of the characters by both their costumes and their language. They are cute and attractive. For the most part, the voices are in sync with the character's mouths, but at times they are out of sync. The vocabulary is a mixture of familiar words and phrases commonly used by children along with new words they can easily learn. Most are simple enough for young children to understand, while some will challenge children to expand their vocabulary. The images are colorful and bold, which will keep their attention.

The message of the film emphasizes how everyone working together solves problems. It teaches the importance of teamwork, how to work with difficult people and the value of perseverance.

I give Fairytale Fun Force 4.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5-12. It releases on digital platforms, AVOD and DVD June 7, 2022.

By Pamela L., KIDS FIRST!

Oh no! The mischievous Jabberwock has stolen the dreams of all the inhabitants of the galaxy! Enter Captain Snow White and the crew of the Fairytale Fun Force, the superpowered team of fairytale heroes: King Arthur, Little Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio, and Robin Hood! The brave team sets off on a galactic adventure to find out what happened to everybody's dreams! Will Doodley Digs point them to virtual reality? Or will the Cheshire Cat lead them down into the dark Magic Forest? Maybe Dorothy has seen them in the wonderful land of Oz? Join the adventure and find out in Fairytale Fun Force!
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