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112 minutes
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Get ready for the adventure of your life when you experience Legend of Oro Arrowhead! A balance of mystery, suspense and action, this film is a must-see for all action-film lovers. The acting and storyline bring out the best of each of these elements.

Jim Powell (Stephen Thompson) visits his childhood house when his father dies to spend some time with his father's friends. When he arrives, however, he finds some strange objects throughout the house that lead him to believe his father's death might have been more than a heart attack. He digs deeper and deeper, despite receiving many warnings to stop the pursuit, eventually realizing there's no way to back out. And now he's in just as much danger as his father was.

Legend of Oro Arrowhead has an excellent plot. The storyline is filled with unexpected twists and turns, with the suspense keeping you on the edge of your seat. Even friends and family that seem like allies are suspect, because the enemy has eyes everywhere. With every break in suspense, friendships and romance are developed even further. Stephen Thompson as Jim and Vanessa Ore as Gola pull this off exceptionally well. They're awkwardly in love at the same time they're dealing with perilous missions to save themselves and others. In addition, the actors who play the antagonists stand out. Robbie Dernehl as Sable Fade, the cruel, rich woman who will do anything to get her hands on the fabled, powerful arrowhead, excels in her role. Her air of superiority and impatience perfectly combines with her truly evil inner self. While Jim and Gola journey through the woods to find the arrowhead, there are stunning birds-eye views of the forest: A beautiful clearing, a magnificent waterfall and hundreds of towering trees are just a few of the mind-blowingly gorgeous landscape shots.

The message of Legend of Oro Arrowhead is first and foremost to listen to people you trust. Many family friends warn Jim to mind his business and stay out of the forest, but Jim doesn't listen--this end up endangering not only him, but also anyone related to him. The film also expresses ideas of friendship, wisdom and bravery. There is a lot of gun violence, and there are some extremely intense scenes.

I give Legend of Oro Arrowhead 4.5 out of 5 stars, and recommend it for ages 12 to 18, plus adults. Legend of Oro Arrowhead will be available on all major streaming and cable platforms on June 7, 2022.

By Kyla C, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12

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Ancient folklore speaks of a shaman who was given a golden arrowhead with the magical gift of truth and vitality. Deemed too dangerous by the tribe elders, it was hidden away for all time. Now, a power - hungry small-town mayor is bent on unearthing the arrowhead at all costs and a Ranger and a daughter of the Cherokee tribe are all that stand in her way.
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