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The most appealing thing about the music on the Happy Day CD is that it is upbeat and it should capture the attention of little kids very well. Little kids like fun, catchy music, which most of the songs on the CD are. The least appealing thing for me is the type of music. It seems more like folk music, but that's just a personal thing.

My favorite thing about the songs is that they all have positive messages and an upbeat tone. I played a couple songs for my twin three-year-old nieces and they really liked the songs titled, "Turtle Time" and "Happy Days." The lead singer, Jenn Cleary, has a fun, soothing voice. I like how she includes the kids singing in the song, "Happy Days." I also like the instrument choices. The guitar and harmonica bring a fun vibe to the music. The music is age appropriate for its audience. The vocabulary is well chosen and the words are easy to understand and sing along to. The children can relate to the lyrics in the songs. I found myself singing along with my nieces with the chorus for "Happy Days." We played the song about three times. The quality sounds really good. Everything is clear. It is a professional level production. I've always wanted to start a garden and the song, "Plant A Garden" inspired me to want to do it even more.

This is a fun CD and adds a new flare to teaching children about the world around them, rather than the traditional ABC and nursery rhyme songs.

I give Happy Day 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 to 8. It is available now on digital platforms.


The CD Happy Day is really for younger kids, but I really like some of the songs. At first, the folk songs did not really interest me, but after I listened to the songs and the lyrics, I began to really appreciate this CD.

This CD, by Jenn Cleary, is filled with family-friendly kids' tunes for younger children. The songs have positive messages about appreciating our environment, using our imaginations and validating the one and only you.

My favorite thing is that the melodies are catchy. I found myself singing along to two of the songs, "I Like Candy" and "Turtle Time." Those songs were stuck in my head for a while after listening to the CD. Jenn Cleary is great at creating fun songs such as "I Like Candy." Her voice is clear and upbeat. She has the kind of voice that younger children will find appealing and soothing. Although the music is appropriate for kids younger than me, I still enjoyed many of the songs. The vocabulary is very kid-friendly, although very young children may not understand the full messages of some songs, such as "Only One You" of "I Am Unique." The performances are very good, with an easy blend of guitar, banjo and harmonica music of the folk music genre. The CD has excellent sound quality. "I Like Candy" turned out to be one of my favorite songs. The lyrics motivated me to eat more fruits and vegetables.

I give Happy Day 4.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 to 8, plus adults. You can find this CD now on Spotify, Soundcloud or wherever music is available.


Funky and fun, Jenn Cleary's Album Happy Day is sure to make you gleeful and ready to bust out your best moves while learning!

Happy Day is a CD filled with jazzy and groovy music that shares a variety of topics that teaches us about loving ourselves and also our planet. This album features Jenn Cleary and includes Mad Dog Freidman. There are a total of ten songs on the CD, each one averages around three minutes.

Jenn Cleary's vocals are engaging, fun and calming, when appropriate. Most songs have a twangy, country vibe that is sure to make your head bob and foot tap. The instrumentals in this album are all fantastic; my favorite is It's Time to Go to Sleep. This particular song reminds me of the meditation app Headspace that helps relieve the listener of stress, which is exactly what this song does. All the way down to the sound effects in the background, each song has a story that reminds me of a podcast. This is a CD parents wouldn't mind sharing the aux for.

The message of Happy Day is to have fun and let loose, but don't forget to take a nap once and a while. This CD promotes positive social behavior.

I give Happy Day 4 out 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 8. It is available now on all audio streaming platforms such as Spotify. Be sure to give a listen!

The artist - Jenn Cleary - has created an accessible, appealing musical experience in this CD Happy Day. There's an organic energy to the tracks that Cleary's voice rides with a sense of wonder - nothing is unappealing.

"I can hear Cleary now!" The album is custom made for its audience. The songs are kid-friendly, energetic and fun. The continuity of the ten songs flows flawlessly. It's professionally written and presents a wide variety of musical styles. It's totally appropriate for a youth audience, but families will also enjoy on road trips. Love of animals, love of the environment and love of self are all emphasized. The artist does not talk down to her audience and makes familiar subject matter fresh with a twist of whimsy. There is a genuine respect in the lyrics and a positive message throughout.

All the performances are first-rate, especially the lead vocals. The musicians rock and the production is excellent. With all the negativity in the world that children assimilate, positive input from music and stories such as this can have a lasting positive effect. One would hope that the loving appreciation of animals and the environment would be further fostered.

Jenn Cleary's terrific album is a bright sunshiny day on the children's musical horizon. Clear and present vocals, terrific musicians and stellar production value make this recording a winner - winner winner chicken dinner. When a song is lovingly scribed to the hard-working good old yak you can't go wrong. Imagination, magic, wonder and discovery make a fragrant potpourri of uplifting sounds and Happy Day delivers on all counts!

I give Happy Day 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 8, plus adults. It definitely meets or exceeds the KIDS FIRST! criteria, is well produced, entertaining and has a place in the world of children's music.

By John Wood, KIDS FIRST! Music Review Pro

Family-friendly, rocking kids' tunes for all ages to enjoy. Fun and educational songs with positive messages about appreciating our environment, using our imaginations, and validating the one and only you, plus a wonderfully relaxing sleep song and even a tune with a yak's perspective, co-written with the author of Yak Girl.
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