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How far would you go to save something you love? Many people have been faced with a dilemma such as this and, no matter how old you are, your love for something can run so deep that your heart involuntarily leads the way. Elvis the Pig is a film that allows viewers to appreciate the concept of deep love for family, even if that member is not human.

This drama film is about a young girl named Riley (Aggie Bell) and her beloved pet pig, Elvis, who live a great life on the farm they love until the family is forced to sell their home due to financial hardship. Riley's life is soon turned upside down when she learns that her best friend Elvis will not be moving to the city with their family. A local farmer makes a deal with the family to give Elvis a good home but his intentions are deceitful as his real plan for Elvis is to host a pig roast with Riley's best friend as the main course. Riley and her older sister, Nylee (Camryn Macdonald) make it their mission to find their missing family member and reunite him at the farm.

What I really like most about this film is the dedication the family has for one another and their willingness to bond together when they need each other the most. Riley and Nylee don't appear to have a close sister bond, but when Elvis's life is in danger, Nylee is not going to let her sister's best friend fall victim to a horrible fate. The film is very relatable as many families have pets which seem to be the glue holding families together. Elvis the Pig is a bit slow to get going and some of the scenes tend to be drawn out, but overall the storyline is enjoyable and it is a wonderful family movie. The set location of the family farm with its variety of animals is a dream come true for many kids and the talking animals give the film a special touch.

You don't have to be a big animal lover to connect to this film's message. Elvis the Pig is about love, friendship and special bonds. Love runs deep, no matter if that love is between family, friends, or pets; many people will go to great lengths to protect those bonds. Elvis isn't your "usual" pet, but one thing is for certain, he has won the hearts of his family and their lives would not be the same without him in it.

I give Elvis the Pig 3 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 12. Elvis the Pig releases on December 6, 2022 on DVD and video on demand.

By Dominic D., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12

Elvis The Pig is such an exciting film; it keeps you on your toes and puts you in a good mood as you watch the show. Elvis' constant remarks lighten the mood of the film.

The film is about Elvis, a funny character with a good sense of humor that he portrays even in difficult moments. We witness quite a bizarre relationship between a young girl named Riley and Elvis the pig who are best friends. However, Riley's family struggles financially and has to sell their family farm and leave Elvis behind. Little does the family know that the new owner has plans to roasting a pig (Elvis), but this leads to new adventures and a better understanding between all the family members.

The theme of the film revolves around family and friendship. I enjoyed seeing the quality time that the family spends together and how they are able to put aside their differences and come together solve the issue at hand. The story is really beautiful and demonstrates how unity can help overcome our difficult moments. Elvis captured my attention from the start, especially with his humorous comments. He motivated me to continue watching the film. What really stands out in this film is how involved the animals are and how they are personified they are in communicating their thoughts. It gives you an insight of how you will imagine animals talking. I particularly enjoyed the voice of Elvis, by Ryan Coates, which is brilliantly done. From the beginning of the film, through the end, you are drawn to Elvis' comments.

The message assures kids that things always work out regardless of the situation you find yourself in. It also showcases the importance of family relationship. Lastly, it reminds you that "a man's best friend" doesn't only apply to dogs, but can be any pet.

I give Elvis The Pig 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 12. It releases December 6, 2022 on DVD and VOD.

By Mikella G., KIDS FIFRST! Film Critic, age 16

Elvis The Pig is an incredible film, full of life lessons that will influence audiences. I loved this beautiful story from beginning to end.

The storyline follows a little girl named Riley (Aggie Bell) who is unsatisfied with moving to another city and being away from her best friend, little Elvis, a pig. Something wrong happen and she and her sister help to rescue the pig from the hands of two silly bad guys.

The story is well written. I especially enjoyed the characters and their development during the film. They are special. My favorite parts are when the bad guys appear. Their scenes are so funny, because every time they plan to do something bad, they fail in a funny way. I also like the part when the parents are watching old family videos and they are emotional. I was emotional too during those scenes. The scene transitions are good and everything happens naturally. I love everything in this film. Congratulations to the production team!

The film's message is that love is above everything and, with teamwork, we can do things easier.

I give Elvis The Pig 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 to 18, plus adults. This film releases on DVD and VOD December 6, 2022.

By Anna Clara B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13

Elvis the Pig has a wonderful message and gives a child plenty of issues they can relate to. The story is well written and delivered.

The story follows a family that has to move from their farm to the city due to financial stress and a young girl's beloved pet, Elvis the pig, has to be left behind. The farmer who buys the pig only wants it for food. With sheer determination, the girl tries to save Elvis from that terrible fate, and it motivates her whole family to join her adventure, ultimately proving that family relationships are worth more than anything. I found Elvis the Pig appealing in many ways and the message is evergreen. A favorite scene is the one at the market scene when Elvis hears the air horn and rushes towards it, wreaking havoc on the market, which is quite comedic. The ending is also very funny when the two antagonists are in the pile of waste. There are some scenes that are less than appealing, such as the negotiation of moving to the city and when the two antagonists first show up to buy the pig for food. It is very atypical for introducing villains.

The structure of the story is divided into very simple pieces -- girl gets the news of their move; she tries to convince her father to take Elvis with them; she takes matters into her own hands; finally, everyone joins in and, with their help she accomplishes her goal. The characters are well developed, especially the father as he changes from moving to the city and back to the farm, in spite of the hardships he has to deal with. I can understand the father, as the head of the household, does what he does. The young girl is the heroine of the story, as she remains undeterred in reaching her goal of saving Elvis. We are empathetic with her as it's hard to say goodbye to a pet or anything we've been attached to for a long time. The locations are very realistic, from farm to city. The easy-to-follow storyline is very suitable for its target audience, including the humor. In a good way, it emphasizes the importance of family bonding and the importance of determination. Although the father wants to move to the city, in the end he decides to stay at the farm for his daughter.

The message of the film is that sometimes, family love is more than anything.

I give Elvis the Pig 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 12. It releases on DVD and VOD December 6, 2022

By Tom W., KIDS FIRST! .

A young girl learns she may have to sell her beloved pet pig Elvis to a local farmer to save the family farm. Unbeknownst to her, the farmer is planning a pig roast and not a forever home. The whole family bands together to save Elvis, uniting to reclaim their farm, proving that love is worth more than money.
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