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From the Pro Bowl to the mixing bowl, Michael Griffin and Brian Orakpo adjust to an unexpected chapter in their lives. As someone who is interested in baking and the process of owning a business, watching this series was an enlightening experience that sparked even more interest in these topics.

The Cupcake Guys is a creative new TV series with a combined focus on baking, business, football and family life. The Cupcake Guys follows Michael Griffin and Brian Orakpo as they navigate the ups and downs of their business, Gigi's Cupcakes, with their close friend Bryan Hynson, after retirement from the NFL. Aside from focusing on cupcake-making and the business aspects of it, the series also shows the personal lives of each of the characters, including their relationships with family and friends. Each of the six episodes has a primary business focus and a primary personal focus for the three main characters. This provides a good balance and generally kept me engaged.

This TV series is so much fun and perfect for a family binge-night. The Cupcake Guys has consistently interesting storylines, with some being geared towards adults; some towards teens; and some towards kids. This is accomplished by including elements of humor for all ages and conflicts that everyone can relate to. For example, Michael Griffin's daughter, Mya, wants to play football at her school but worries a bit about how the boys on the team might react with her being the quarterback and only girl on the team. Many kids are probably able to relate to this in some way, whether it be the aspect of youth sports or feeling alone within a group of people. With all of this being said, the series can be a bit slow moving at times, with the same point getting too much screen time. However, The Cupcake Guys is still entertaining and I would be very interested in a second season. One of the best parts is when they show the actual making of the cupcakes and how the business works behind the scenes. As someone who is interested in baking and the process of owning a business, watching this series was an enlightening experience that sparked even more interest in these topics.

The Cupcake Guys has many important messages that address various business and family conflicts. The series focuses on teamwork and cooperation. However, with many different workers, there are often disagreements about business opportunities or personal situations. The Cupcake Guys also emphasizes equality among races and genders and highlights the importance of parents maintaining an even distribution of time spent on business and time spent with family. There is some very minor inappropriate language.

I give The Cupcake Guys 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 8 to 18, plus adults. You can stream The Cupcake Guys on the Roku channel for free beginning January 18, 2023.

By Kyla C, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 13

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When former NFL teammates Michael Griffin and Brian Orakpo decided to dip their toes into entrepreneurship, they knew they wanted to go about it differently. The former Pro Bowlers saw the hands-off, detached approach some athletes take in their investments and recognized they needed to be more attentive about the steps they took to ensure success. Prior to being cupcake guys, Griffin and Orakpo played for the Tennessee Titans as safety and linebacker respectively. It was in Tennessee that the men ate and fell in love with Gigi's cupcakes which was based in Nashville and was the largest cupcake franchise brand in the country. After finishing in the league, Griffin opened a franchise of Gigi's Cupcakes in Austin, alongside Orakpo and their longtime friend Bryan Hynson. The Cupcake Guys shows how our cast goes from Football stars to Cupcake Kings.
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