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The Magician's Elephant is a magnificent movie that totally transports you to the world of the story. It is one of my favorite animated movies that I've ever seen.

This movie is about a young boy named Peter (Noah Jupe). He lives with a retired veteran of war who saved him in battle. The veteran, unfortunately, had to leave Peter's sister, and she was blown up in an explosion. However, things take a turn when Peter sees a fortune teller who tells him his sister is still alive and to find her he must follow a magician's elephant. When Peter tries to take the elephant, the king challenges him with three impossible tasks, and then after he performs those tasks -- and only then -- he will get the elephant.

The Magician's Elephant has many notable characteristics, one of which is the animation style. Overall, the animation is flawless and very realistic. However, the clouds are one thing that doesn't look quite as realistic, even though there is a real cloud formation called Mammatus Storm Clouds. There are also many cool locations, like narrow, twisting streets, and interesting characters throughout the film. One of my favorite parts of the movie is when the veteran has Peter march around his house saying, "Fish is small. Bread is stale. Life is not a fairy tale." It is a very comedic moment. Another part that is very impressive is how they bring the story full circle, starting and ending with the fortune teller. Her main role is to tie together the whole story, which could make her the most important character of all.

The message of this film is to never give up hope because you never know what may come along to change your situation.

I give The Magician's Elephant 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 8 to 12, plus adults. It is available in select theaters on March 10, 2023 and on Netflix on March 17, 2023.

By Avalon N., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 14

The Magician's Elephant is an exceptional film that also provides a very important, valuable life lesson and it is a perfect movie to watch with family or close friends.

The story follows an orphan boy named Peter (Noah Jupe) who loses his sister at a very young age. Peter has always wanted to meet again with his sister but she has been lost since a newborn. Both of his parents passed away in a war and, ever since then, a strict and old soldier has taken care of Peter. On one special day Peter goes to the market to buy a small fish and stale bread, as that is what Peter and the soldier have for dinner every night, but instead of Peter buying dinner Peter spends his money on a fortune teller to answer his lifelong question. He asks, "Where can I find my sister?" and the fortune teller's response is "Follow the Elephant..."

I absolutely recommend watching this astounding film! The Magician's Elephant is so well-done that it made me and my whole family get very emotional. The animation of this film is wondrous; the visual effects are glorious, beautiful and realistic. The special effects are extraordinary -- I love how all the colors and scenes match the storyline so incredibly well. My favorite scene is when the magician (Benedict Wong) brings the elephant back to the animal's habitat and we realize that Peter is also helping another family get back together. This shows that Peter is not selfish at all. Peter is a kind-hearted soul who deserves to be reunited with his sister. He wants to find his sister so badly and so he obeys whatever the fortune teller tells him to do like, follow the Elephant, which he does. To get to the elephant Peter has to complete three impossible tasks given to him by the King. If Peter completes the three tasks he will earn the right to have the elephant and that will lead him to his dream. You will have to watch to see if Peter's dream comes true!

The film's message is to always care and love your family because, if you don't have them, then who do you have to love? Another message is to always have hope for whatever you do or believe.

I give The Magician's Elephant 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 12, plus adults. It is available in theaters now and releases on Netflix March 17, 2023.

By Keila V., KIDS FIRST!, Film Critic, age 11

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The Magician's Elephant follows young Peter, who is searching for his long-lost sister, and crosses paths with a fortune teller in the market square. There is only one question on his mind: is his sister still alive? The answer -- that he must follow a mysterious elephant -- sets Peter off on a remarkable journey to complete three seemingly impossible tasks that magically change the face of his town forever. The Magician's Elephant is based on Newbery Award-winning author Kate DiCamillo's classic novel.
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