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Future TX is amazing, and I enjoyed it a lot, mainly because of the humor, transitions and the storyline.

The story follows a teenage boy named Dylan (Arran Kemp) who finds out he is moving to Dubai, away from his best friend Molly (Adelle Congreve). He decides to make a deal with his parents and buys a phone for himself and Molly. Suddenly they get a call from a mysterious man who claims he is from the future. Once he gains their trust, he tells them the fate of the future is in their hands, that they must save the future and he sends Dylan and Molly on an action-packed adventure.

Future TX is an awesome film. I enjoyed it a lot for many reasons. For example, the humor in this film is great. I particularly enjoyed the scene when Dylan gets ready to fight the guard with his shoe. I also like the scene when Dylan and Molly's TX make fun of Molly's hair. I was laughing throughout the whole film. Another thing I like about this film is the creative ways it transitions from scene to scene. For instance, when Dylan is waiting for his TX to call, the scene starts with Dylan looking straight ahead, then up, and when he looks back down, he is in a different set. Also, the storyline in this film is great. I like the part when Dylan gets a random call in the middle of the night, and all it says is, "Just be careful." In another scene that takes place two days later it shows Dylan calling his past self from the day before, and he says, "Just be careful," showing that Dylan has now created a loop.

The film's life lesson is an inspiring reminder that you cannot hold grudges against people, soon enough you will have to forgive them.

I give Future TX 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 through 18, plus adults. This film is available now on VOD so check it out. See ya!

By Gavin S., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12

The future is on the line in Future TX! This classic caper raises the question, "Is choice an illusion?" Who decides what is right and what is wrong and is human behavior predictable?

In Future TX, Dylan Wrench (Arran Kemp) learns that his life is about to change. He and his friend Molly Slide (Adele Congreve) acquire mysterious new cell phones which connect them with a voice from the future. According to the voice of Future TX they are needed to put the future on the correct course and the two of them start to sort out this intrepid challenge while meeting interesting characters and situations manipulated by the devious technology company QuantaCrypt. After all, technology is meant to help people, right?

I really love how the movie starts out with thought provoking questions and mystery. Unfortunately, the plot doesn't quite live up to my expectations from this beginning. Arran Kemp plays the lead character, Dylan Wrench really well - I enjoyed his facial expressions, humor, and physical comedy. He interacts well with the other cast members and I particularly enjoyed the humorous scenes with his parents (Doug Cockle and Nicole Faraday). Original music by Steve Wright is very important to this story as it creates suspense and really drives the pace. The music was recorded by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra, which adds an important element to the film and the story.

The message of this film is really a thought provoking question: Do you choose your own destiny or does destiny choose you? The only thing that we can really control is ourselves and the choices we make. It's important to live in the moments we have.

I rate Future TX 3.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 12. It is available on VOD now so check it out.

By Selene W., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 15

Future TX is so fun to watch! It keeps you on the edge of your seat and has an unpredictable ending. The cinematography is fantastic and the dual messages (living in the present and our destinies are based on the choices we make) are timely.

The story is about two tweens, Dylan Wrench (Arran Kemp) and Molly Slide (Adele Congreve) who are given the opportunity to save the world before "Critical Impact" occurs. They purchase phones that communicate with a mystery man from the year 2048 named Future TX. The children's task is to locate a botnet so that it can be destroyed and thereby save the world. Dylan and Molly are attacked by drones controlled by a mad scientist who is one of the Folley Brothers (Griff Rhys Jones). Dylan and Molly have to choose who they can trust -- the Folley Brothers or another teen named Dominic Santiago (James Grogan) -- to help them prevent "Critical Impact." There is an exciting and surprising ending.

This is a wonderful, fun and wholesome film with good messages. It will keep the audience on the edge of their seats wondering what will happen next. The story is about the impact of technology on our lives, which is a very relevant topic given the expanding use of artificial intelligence. It is easy to relate to the children in the film and their advanced knowledge of electronics reflects reality. The story is easy to follow but I really like that the film is not predictable. The cinematography is wonderful. I really feel as if I was in the United Kingdom throughout the film. There are very interesting shots of the sky, landscapes, and buildings. The movie was filmed in Bournemouth, UK, which suits the story line. It is a quaint and beautiful town with lots of open spaces. The original music, played by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra, is not only beautiful, it also provides the right amount of drama to various scenes. The special effects include the use of drones sent by the evil scientist to locate and attack the children along with a hand-held computer that can project into space. They are very believable. The actors are very suited for the film. Dylan and Molly are very likable and the actors portray them well. The scientists, the Folley Brothers, are played by the same actor who skillfully plays the good twin and the bad twin. My favorite parts are the scenes with Molly's mother, Saffron (Catriona Knox). Saffron talks to Dylan and Molly as if they are in a Shakespearian play, which is very amusing. The production values are excellent.

The film has dual messages. One is to live in the present and the other is that our destinies are based on the choices we make.

I give Future TX 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to18, plus adults. It releases in theaters March 10, 2023 and is available now on Amazon Prime and Roku.

By Pamela L., KIDS FIRST!

What if you could speak to the future? When Dylan and Molly buy their first cell phones, they both ring at the same time. A mystery man, known as Future TX, says he's from the future and needs the kids' help to save the world!
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