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120 minutes
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Lakota Nation vs. United States educates and entertains with hard-hitting interviews and lyrical narration. It's an incredible watch for history buffs, especially those looking to learn more about a significant moment in US history.

A chronicle of the Lakota people and their homeland of the Black Hills, Lakota Nation vs. United States traces the journey of a marginalized people. It starts with the Indian Wars of the 1800s, describes how sacred land was stolen in violation of treaty agreements. It progresses through the centuries all the way to today, as people protest a most ironic shrine to white supremacy, Mount Rushmore, and continue to call for the recognition of their tribal rights.

The film is unique for a variety of reasons. First, it's co-directed by Jesse Short Bull -- an Oglala Lakota man -- and Laura Tomaselli, one of the few times in mass media we see Native Americans telling their stories. It is a wonderful touch that provides the whole film with a spirit of warmth and respect. The film is written and narrated by acclaimed Oglala poet Layli Long Soldier, and its narration will be the first thing to strike you in Lakota Nation vs. United States. The rhythmic refrain of "X marks the spot," the soft, dignified, yet strong voice of Long Soldier, and the emotional roller-coaster of the story are truly mesmerizing. Tomaselli also serves as the editor of the film, and she, along with cinematographer Kevin Phillips use a wealth of archival and modern footage and rousing interviews with activists and leaders to tell this beautiful story of a land and a people who have survived exploitation, forced migration, and genocide, and who still wait for justice to come.

Lakota Nation vs. United States promotes resilience, valuing culture, standing up to oppression, and honoring history. The Lakota provide us with so many lessons from which to learn and grow into better versions of ourselves.

I give Lakota Nation vs. United States 5 out of 5 stars, and recommend it for ages 12 to 18 plus adults. It releases July 21, 2023 in select markets and will roll out later to other locations.

By Eshaan M., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 17

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A chronicle about how the Lakota Indians fight to reclaim control of the Black Hills. Will investigate how the sacred land was stolen in violation of treaty agreements and feature interviews with Indigenous citizens.
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