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Ghosters: Phantom Patrol is a spoof of the classic movie, Ghostbusters. It has good cinematography, but a lot of the time I found myself confused. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or scream at the animated images, and the plot is confusing.

The storyline takes place in New York City and follows Wilbur (Leon Mayfield) and Casey (Heath C. Heine), two ordinary men work the night shift as guards in a mysterious government facility. They soon discover the building is home to ghosts who have been trapped and contained in glowing green tubes (a reference to Ghostbusters, where ghosts are trapped in similar tubes). When the ghosts escape the building, it's up to Wilbur and Casey to stop them from taking over the city.

There are many similarities between Ghosters and Ghostbusters, such as the theme music, the New York setting, and even the logo with the ghost shown at the beginning (though it isn't exactly the same). Fans of Ghostbusters will enjoy certain scenes, like the scene where one spirit takes over a giant statue, a nod to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. However, some things are very different - the iconic four-person crew is missing, and Ghosters is set in the 21st century and ends in a video game. I especially like Wilbur's character -- he provides comic relief, such as when he has to ride a child's bike and when he eats a Domino's� pizza during an attack scene. But while the movie is funny and the landscapes of New York are beautifully captured, it falls a bit short. It has no climax; the movie never peaks. It's all action from the start with no plot twist or big reveal. The characters have no objective or goal either. Wilbur and Casey's escape from the building lacks pizzazz - we are left to use our imaginations. The animated images are confusing as well. Although Ghosters has a funny tone, the ghosts are actually pretty scary looking, with sunken white eyes and limbs that can twist and contort in ways we can't imagine. They're terrifying but very unrealistic. I'm still not sure whether they are supposed to be funny or creepy!

As this movie is meant to be a spoof that makes fun of another movie, the message is a bit unclear. Be aware that there is some mild language, very mild graphic content, some alcohol references and one drug reference. The ghosts may be quite frightening, especially to young children and they scared me.

I give Ghosters: Phantom Patrol 3.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 8 to 18, plus adults. This film releases on AVOD on September 22, 2023.

The film Ghosters: Phantom Patrol is a very interesting movie. I like this film because it's the perfect mix of funny and suspenseful along with also tackling tough family dynamics.

This storyline follows two guys, Wilbur (Leon Mayfield) and Casey (Heath C. Heine), as they work an overnight surveillance job in a government building. The two, being unemployed, take the job and everything seems to be going fine until they find out they aren't the only ones in the building.

One of my favorite moments in the film is when Joey (Arthur Gazarian) and his dad, Casey, get to bond over fighting some ghosts. Casey was going to miss his son's birthday because of his new job that he got but he later ends up making it up to his son when he joins the battle against the spirits with his dad. The way that Heine and Gazarian show the reconciliation between a dad and a son in a time of need is truly amazing. My favorite character is Wilbur because he is hilarious throughout the film. There is a moment where Wilbur gets out of the facility he's trapped in after Casey does. Once he realizes that he was left there to fend for himself while the others are off looking for what may help them with the ghosts, he finds a very small bike and begins to pedal himself to the source of the issue to be as much help as he can, even if it's going to take a little bit longer for him to get there than the others.

This film's message is that your family will always have your back. Even while Jenah and Casey are not happy with each other, Jenah still stands by Casey's side in his time of need, making sure he is safe. Be aware there is mild swearing and brief discussion about violent actions.

I give Ghosters: Phantom Patrol 3 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 8 to 12. Ghosters: Phantom Patrol will be available in theaters this fall on September 22, 2023.

By Victoria L., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 15

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Get ready for an epic adventure with "Ghosters: Phantom Patrol!" When tricky ghosts break free from a super-secret government facility, things get wild, a little spooky, and a whole lot of fun! As New York City is packed with mischievous ghosts, two clueless security guards team up with a pair of fearless tech-savvy kids to save the day. Get ready for a side-splitting and thrilling ride as they dive into the ghostly commotion and work together to save the city!
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