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Recommended age 12-18
86 minutes
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Summer Camp is an adventurous film targeted at an older audience. My favorite parts are the wardrobe, characters, and location - all of which make this super enjoyable.

Summer Camp is a comedic movie that follows a trio of best friends - Nora (Diane Keaton), Ginny (Kathy Bates) and Mary (Alfre Woodard) who met years ago while attending a summer camp together in their youth. Over the years, they've drifted apart due to lifestyle changes. So when the opportunity for a summer camp reunion arises, they all decide to go and relive the fond moments they used to share. Though a few bumps in their camp stay emerge, Nora, Ginny, and Mary all remember the importance of having strong friendships.

The wardrobe styling in this film is stellar. Costume designer, Maria Lorenzana, designed all of the characters' outfits so that they were not only tailored to each person but also represented specific characteristics of their personalities. For example, Nora's studious and reserved side is showcased by her wearing corporate colors, business suits, collared shirts and turtlenecks. Ginny's spunky and creative side is enhanced by her wearing vibrant colors, playful patterns, and big accessories. Mary's quiet and soft side is represented by her wearing simple outfits, solid color tops and soft fabrics.

I adore all of the characters in this film, however my personal favorite is Nora. I relate to her because she's very cautious before taking risks; she's the logical thinker in the group, and she has a passion for science. Diane Keaton plays this role so well and I love her performance throughout the film. Lastly this movie was primarily filmed at Camp Pinnacle located in North Carolina and the location is gorgeous. The sky-high shots of the vast mountains and rolling hills captured by cinematographer Karsten Gopinath are truly breathtaking.

This film's message is about the importance of having strong friendships and taking risks together. Be aware that the film does contain some cursing, inappropriate jokes, sexual themes, and some minor gore.

I give Summer Camp 3 out of 5 stars and recommend it to ages 12 to 18, plus adults. Look out for Summer Camp which releases in theaters May 31, 2024.

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Summer Camp tells the story of Nora (Keaton), Ginny (Bates), and Mary (Woodard), who have been best friends since being inseparable at summer camp. As the years have passed, they've seen each other less and less, so when the chance to reunite for a summer camp reunion arises, they all take it, some begrudgingly and others excitedly. Each of their lives might not be where they'd imagined, but one thing is for sure -- Nora, Ginny, and Mary need each other, and summer camp reminds them why.
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