KIDS FIRST! Best 2007 Awards


Mallory Lewis, daughter of beloved children's entertainer Shari Lewis, accepting the 2007 KIDS FIRST! Palmer-Vision Award from Regina Kelland (left)

"KIDS FIRST! Rocks!" As Shari Lewis's daughter I have spent a lifetime in the business of quality kids entertainment. KIDS FIRST! is the premier organization out there watch-dogging the industry and honoring those that achieve! It is the greatest thrill to have our new DVD series, "Phonics 4 Babies," (created by Joe Giangrasso) honored as Best Short for Babies and Best of Fest, and I couldn't be more proud about receiving the Palmer-Vision Award. Thanks All! - Mally Lewis

Madelline di Nonno

Madeline di Nonno (left), Senior VP of Marketing for Starz Home Entertainment and Mallory Lewis (right) accepting Best of Fest Award for Phonics 4 Babies.

CArlyCarly Shroeder (Eye of the Dolphin, Gracie) accepting the "Best Emerging Actress" Award from KIDS FIRST! president, Ranny Levy

Zach Mills

Zach Mills (Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium) accepting "Best Emerging Actor" Award from KIDS FIRST! president, Ranny Levy


Morgan Taylor performing Gustafer Yellowgold at Calamigos Rancy

Thanks so much for the great day yesterday- everyone involved did a really super job hosting and running the award event. It was a lot of fun and winning the award itself was icing on the cake!


Children's programming these days is filled with so much junk food for the mind, it was a real honor to gather together with a group of like minded people who feel we can do so much better entertaining and teaching kids with films and stories that uplift and inspire and give kids and families something that lasts longer. The connection we feel by being part of projects that come from the heart is so important, now more than ever.

Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this! Kelly Kennedy, Producer/Director, "The Baseball Card Shop"


What a wonderful gift KIDS FIRST! is providing for our children and our society. With studies showing a link between kids viewing violent programs and increased aggressive behavior, it is invaluable to have an organization to turn to, where the long work of sifting through the piles of media to find the gems has been done for us. It's an honor to have my short film, Dorme, recognized and take part in this important cause. You have inspired me to make this my cause as well, as I get to work on my next script and teach my own child conscious media viewing. Many heartfelt thanks. Sylvia Binsfeld:Director-Dorme, DreamWeaver Films

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KIDS FIRST! BEST 2007 Winners

Best of Fest
Charlotte's Web; Paramount
Firehouse Dog, 20th Century Fox
Viola, James Marcus Haney
My Backyard Was A Mountain, Palmavejo Films
Phonics 4 Babies, Starz Home Entertainment

Palmer-Vision Award
Mallory Lewis

Best Emerging Actress
Carly Schroeder

Best Emerging Actor
Zach Mills

Moving Pictures Magazine Award
Tillamook Treasures
Bright Light Studios

Feature Films for Families Screenplay Award
Earth Kids
Arlene Bogna and Nicole Schubert

Feature Films for Families Film Award
The Child King

Best Short for Babies
1st place: Phonics 4 Babies: Baby's First Words, Starz Home Entertainment

Best Short Age 2-5
1st place: The Very Brave Elephant and His Friends, Gymboree
2nd place: Knuffle Bunny, Weston Woods/Scholastic

Best Series Age 2-5
1st place: Paz, Discovery Kids
2nd place: Mama Mirabelle's Home Movies, National Geographic Television & Film

Best Short Short Age 5-8
1st place: Librarian from the Black Lagoon, Weston Woods/Scholastic
2nd place: Bobo Tales, The New Crown, Tricolor

Best Short Age 5-8
1st place: Danny and the Dinosaur and More Friendly "Monster" Stories, Scholastic/Weston Woods
2nd place: Fairy Tales, Fantasy & Storytellin' Fun, Storytellin' Time

Best Series Age 5-8
1st place: Eloise, Starz Home Entertainment
2nd place: Bindi: the Jungle Girl, Discovery Kids

Best Feature Age 5-8
1st place: Firehouse Dog, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment
2nd place: Barbie as the Island Princess, Universal Studios Home Entertainment

Best Short Short Age 5-12
1st place: The Baseball Card Shop, Kelly Kennedy
2nd place: Dorme, Dreamweaver Films

Best Short Age 5-12
1st place: Big Top Winkle, All Things Winkle LLC
2nd place: The Journey of Henry "Box" Brown, Sweet Blackberry

Best Series, Ages 5-12
1st place: Girl Stars, Going To School Fund
2nd place: Cyberchase, WNET

Best Feature Age 5-12
1st place: Charlotte's Web, Paramount Home Entertainment
2nd place: Night At The Museum, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Best Indie Feature Age 5-12
1st place: The Tillamook Treasure, Bright Light Studios
2nd place: Legend of the Sasquatch, Gorilla Pictures

Best Indie Short Short Age 8-12
1st place: Natalie at Five O'Clock, Sherry Mills
2nd place: Portable Living Room, Ransom Riggs
2nd place: Love on the Rocks, Carol Singer

Best Indie Short Age 8-12
1st place: My Backyard Was A Mountain, Palmavejo Films
2nd place: The Day My Towers Fell, Joan Caspi

Best Documentary Age 8-12
1st place: WordLoveWorldLove, Avanti Pictures Corp
2nd place: Alex Scott: A Stand for Hope, CBS

Best Feature Ages 8-12
1st place: Flushed Away, Paramount Home Entertainment
2nd place: Flicka, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Best Indie Short Short Age 12-18
1st place: Karma Café, Quality Time Productions
2nd place: Plus, Chris Shirley

Best Indie Short Age 12-18
1st place: In the Shoes of Christopher, Awareness Films
2nd place: Food Boy, Cold Fusion Films

Best Documentary Age 12-18
1st place: Emmanuel's Gift, First Look Studios
2nd place: American Ruling Glass, Maitland Primrose

Best Feature Ages 12-18
1st place: Eye of the Dolphin, Monterey Media

Best How-To for Adults
1st place: Fabulously Fit Moms: Total Body Workout, Koch Entertainment

Best Screenplay
1st place: Earth Kids,  Arlene Bogna and Nicole Schubert
2nd place: Felix The Flyer, Christopher Canole
2nd place: Holy Cow, Kara Moran
2nd place: Zookeeper,  Marc Horowitz

Best Elementary Student Film
1st place: Super Kitten and The Great Cheese Robbery, Peter Gundling

Best Middle School Student Film
1st place: Exploring the Everglades, Ryan Wham
2nd place: The Good, The Bag and The Ugly, Xochi Mabery-Gaulke

Best High School Short Shorts
1st place: Whale Sharks of Hollbox, Mike Wham
2nd place: Pencilmation, Ross Bollinger

Best High School Student Shorts
1st place: Newsbreak: The Sneaker Phenomenon, Dreamyard Action Project
2nd place: A Bend in the Road, DP Films

Best College Student Film
1st place: Rocketboy, Justin Guerrieri
2nd place: Confessions of a Late Bloomer, Jen McGowan

Best Student Feature
1st place: Viola, James Marcus Haney
2nd place: Road to Opportunity, Soufi Films



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