KIDS FIRST! All-Star Assets


  • Engaging and entertaining for both adults and children.
  • Appropriately paced, not too fast or slow. Holds your interest.
  • Suitable for the intended audience.                                          
  • Great use of humor, appropriate for audience.
  • Takes on difficult issues and addresses them sensitively.


  • Exhibits cinema graphic, technical, artistic or musical excellence.
  • Demonstrates excellence in sound or visual quality.
  • Sets, costumes, special effects or other physical attributes are outstanding.           


    • Provides social, personal or educational challenges appropriate for the intended audience.
    • Encourages self-esteem or positive self concept.
    • Teaches life skills such as organizational or decision making skills.
    • Encourages children to stand up for beliefs and handle peer pressure.
    • Assists children in working through problems or emotional issues.


  • Broadens the child’s global perspective
  • Creates interest in issues such as the environment, world peace or human and animal rights.
  • Enhances life experiences typical in a child's daily life.
  • Promotes pro-activity instead of reactivity.
  • Promotes balanced appreciation of self and others.      
  • Promotes acceptance and respect for cultural diversity, lifestyle and individuality.
  • Promotes service to and compassion for others.
  • Promotes healthy lifestyle.
  • Inspires children to find reasonable, positive solutions to problems.
  • Provides positive role models for interpersonal relationships, addressing issues such as making friends, resolving conflict in non-violent ways or overcoming fears.
  • Offers a positive and hopeful view of the future.


  • Provides accurate facts and information.
  • Simulates curiosity and encourages a child to think, reason, question and experiment.
  • Demonstrates the application of knowledge.
  • Stimulates language development.
  • Teaches and models specific subjects or how to accomplish a specific task.
  • Heightens a child’s educational aspirations, developing increased career awareness and realistic goals.
  • Promotes the importance of knowledge.
  • Instills pride in personal achievement. 
  • Accentuates the value of effort as opposed to perfection.
  • Promotes the development of analytical and non-reactive decision-making skills.

This guide should will help you identify the assets that are potentially available in an All-Star title.  Some programs may only exhibit a few of these assets, others will have many. Please recommend a title for All-Star status if you feel that it contains a significant and balanced amount of these assets. Be sure to include

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