Coalition for Quality Children's Media


Independent Producer Membership

$150 first year

* $50 per year each additional year

Member Benefits

You must be a producer member or high to take advantage of the member's discount on submissions.

  • Discount off of KIDS FIRST! endorsement application fees. i.e. $100 first title compared to $150 per title for non-members)

  • One free application* for members who join the KIDS FIRST! jury

  • Free use of the KIDS FIRST! logo on your endorsed titles.

  • Your company is listed on KIDS FIRST! website in members' section with link to your site

  • Your company will be featured in KIDS FIRST! News

  • Your company is linked from KIDS FIRST! website from all your endorsed titles

  • A representative of your company is invited to attend CQCM Annual Meeting, at the member's conference fee rate


    *To take advantage of the renewal discount, membership renewals must be renewed without a lapse of more than 30 days. To take advantage of the free submission fee for members who join the Jury, the title must be submitted within the membership year when the member becomes a Juror. To join the jury, members must pay the $10 administration fee for training.

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