KIDS FIRST! Endorsement
Adult-Approved and Child-Recommended

KIDS FIRST! has been supporting quality children's media for 22 years and is the most highly respected media endorsement program in the country. Unlike an awards program which limits the number of winners, every title that meets our criteria and is approved by our kids' juries receives an endorsement. Our base-line criteria includes:

  • NO gratuitous violence or abuse
  • NO inappropriate sexual behavior
  • NO bias in terms of race, gender, culture or religion
  • NO condescension toward children
  • NO replicable unsafe behavior
KIDS FIRST! Endorsed Titles Receive


Our endorsement fees are extremely reasonable and there are no restrictions on release date.
Member* fees
Films, DVDs, Audio Recordings, Games, Web Series, Websites, E-Books: $100
Apps and Screenplays: $55
Short Videos, under 10 min: $35
TV Series: $200
Non-member fees
Films, DVDs, Audio Recordings, Games, Web Series, Websites, E-Books: $150
Apps and Screenplays: $75
Short Videos, under 10 min: $50
TV Series: $300

Need an endorsement now?
For an additional $50 rush fee we will complete within 2 weeks (except during holidays)
Call for details: 505.989.8076.

KIDS FIRST! Film Festival
The World's Largest Film Festival for Kids

The KIDS FIRST! Film Festival accepts more than 200 films every year, changing the programming frequently. To find what films are currently playing, visit our online programming page.

Criteria for programs accepted to the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival: one of the strengths of our programming is that 1) All the films must meet the KIDS FIRST! baseline criteria so they contain no inappropriate sexual behavior, violence, language or anti-social behaviors. 2) All films have been screened with the purpose of identifying the most appropriate age category for which they are suitable.

Filmmakers should also be aware that KIDS FIRST! does not pay a screening fee for films that are accepted and the only way to submit your film is through our filmfreeway site here:

Application Fees

Feature 60+ min.: Early Deadline: $45; Regular: $60; Late: $65; Extended: $70
Shorts 59 min. or less: Early Deadline: $25; Regular: $40; Late: $45; Extended: $60
Student* Film 12+ min. Early Deadline: $15; Regular: $20; Late: $25; Extended: $30
Student Film 12- min.: Early Deadline: $25; Regular: $30; Late: $35; Extended: $40
Documentary & Environmental Film: Early Deadline: $15; Regular: $30; Late: $35; Extended: $40
Faith Based Feature: 60+ min. Early Deadline: $35; Regular: $40; Late: $45; Extended: $50
More information for Festival Entries here

KIDS FIRST! Recommendation
For TV Series

A KIDS FIRST! recommendation is given to TV series in place of an endorsement. Whereas endorsement requires evaluation of every episode in the series, a "Recommendation" is based on the evaluation of three sample episodes from the same season. Recommended programming must meet or exceed the KIDS FIRST! criteria and are given a one-, two- or three-star rating indicating good, better and best.

More information for TV Series entries here


"We live in a society which is anxious to keep our beaches clean of garbage -- and yet we permit our children to grow up contaminated by the raw sewage which passes for popular culture these days.  In our gardens we plant stripling trees and bind their slim boughs with guide-wires to make sure the branches grow straight and true -- and yet we don't devote equal attention to making sure our boys and girls are guided by the noblest values, virtues, and morals which our society hopes to pass on. Who will help us nourish our children's hopes and dreams with the excellent films and television programs and musical works which, when wisely selected, have the power to guide and inspire our kids? The answer is KIDS FIRST!, a truly outstanding organization which stands ready to provide us with the highest quality children's media.  Every year, thousands upon thousands of media products are marketed to our children.  KIDS FIRST! devotes countless hours to plucking the gems from the rubble and then generously makes them available to all parents and teachers and decent people who care to be part of the crucial enterprise of raising our children to be good and kind people.  The entertaining and wholesome films and shows and music they offer in their nation-wide Film Festivals are imbued with the very values we hope our children will come to adopt as they mature into young men and women. The task of raising decent children in an indecent world is daunting.  We need all the help we can get.  Thanks to KIDS FIRST! and the Coalition for Quality Children's Media, we have knowledgeable partners at our side to help us lift our children's dreams and aspirations far higher than the 'lowest common denominator' which our increasingly coarsened culture seems ready to settle for. As long as parents yearn to raise their kids with a vision of society which is inspiring rather than dispiriting, then KIDS FIRST! will always be there to offer it's vision and guidance. They deserve our respect, our gratitude, and our generous financial support." Frederick Ayeroff (writer of Soccer Mom and Ace of Hearts)

"I have worked with KIDS FIRST! for nearly three years. They have done a fantastic job of leveraging our sponsorship dollars and tremendously over-delivering. We find the exposure garnered from this program to be a valuable piece of our marketing plan." Kim Leibowitz, Marketing Director for Animal Planet Media and Discovery Kids Media

Home office address:

Coalition for Quality Children's Media
112 W. San Francisco St., Suite 305A
Santa Fe, NM 87501



Endorsement &
Film Festival

April 15, 2017
Films, Audio Recordings, Webseries, E-books
Screenplays: Year Round

Endorsement Only submit1

Film Festival Only

Who are our Jurors:

Music: John Wood, from is our juror for kids' music. (CD, digital and spoken word releases) John lends his capable mind to evaluate and review the music submitted and KIDS FIRST! youth reporters add their youth point of view.

Film, DVD, TV, Web series, Websites, games and apps: KIDS FIRST! Adult Jurors are media professionals with backgrounds in various types of media. The KIDS FIRST! Film Critics lend their youth point of view.


What People Say About KIDS FIRST!

“The KIDS FIRST movie reviewers came to our junket and our premiere, and were among the most eloquent and informed reporters to attend.  The training that KIDS FIRST gives to these children provides not only professional skills, but poise and confidence as well.  They are a great source of empowerment for young people and a wonderful outlet for anyone who works with children and families.” Eileen Potrock, Big Balloon Adventure Movie, LLC

"KIDS FIRST! not only performs a critical role in providing parents and families with wholesome and trusted entertainment for young children, but is also an invaluable grass-roots marketing resource in creating wide-spread consumer awareness of these films. It is a great cost-effective way to screen films in a targeted environment. We have been working with KIDS FIRST! for years and they have always over-delivered in all aspects," Suzanne Faber, Vice President of Brand Marketing, Starz! Home Entertainment (Anchor Bay)

"I have worked with KIDS FIRST! for several years and they have done a wonderful job in promoting and supporting our family DVD releases. They are an integral part of our marketing plans and we look forward to many more opportunities to partner with them in the future" Cara Grossman, Assistant Project Manager - Family Brand Marketing, Universal Studios Home Entertainment

KIDS FIRST! plays a crucial role in assisting parents seeking quality entertainment for the entire family. We're thrilled to use their extensive reach and trusted reputation to build awareness for the must own fall family feature, "The Adventures of Food Boy".

Sam Toles
VP Content Acquisitions

"It has been a pleasure working with Ranny over the past six years. Ranny is reliable, trustworthy, dedicated to her work and an absolute pleasure to work with. Ranny continues to provide a great service and I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future." Year first hired: 2002 (hired more than once) Christine Lewison, Genius Products

"We recommend KIDS FIRST! to all of our clients who are producing or  distributing children's entertainment content. I can't think of a better value, especially for newly launching TV and DVD properties. KIDS FIRST!  generates impactful, meaningful visibility on a grassroots level and beyond  - and it's totally turn key!" - Alan Winnikoff, Sayles & Winnikoff Communications

"I just have to say this that you and the Kids First are doing a superb job in gathering and putting these films together for our kids. You have a special eye and knowledge as we watch hundreds and thousands of films each year but it requires someone special to select these films for the children. Thank you for that." Steve Shafa, Exective Director, Tiburon International Film Festival

FAQs for Producers

Answers to frequently asked questions from producers.

*You must be a "producer" level member or higher to take the member discount. Individual or family membership does not quality.

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KIDS FIRST! and KIDS FIRST! Film Festival are projects of the Coalition for Quality Children's Media, a nonprofit organization supporting quality children's media since 1991.

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