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This page is for trained jurors only. If you are interested in becoming a juror, please go to http://www.kidsfirst.org/become-a-juror/), call our Jury Manager at (505) 986-8076 or contact us via email.

Our goals are: A. To teach children to become critical media users; B. To help adults recognize the importance of teaching critical viewing skills to children; C. To help children identify and be aware of outstanding media programming; D. To develop programs for children with special needs such as low-income, hospitalized or at-risk children.


Juror Manual
Evaluation Procedure
All Star Media Assets


Evaluation Forms for Adult Jurors

Evaluation: Film, DVD, TV, Webseries - Adult
Evaluation: Audio, Adult
Evaluation: Screenplay, Adult
Evaluation: Film Festival, Adult
Evaluation: Apps, Adult
Evaluation: E-Books, Adult

DVD / TV Evaluation Forms for Children's Juries

Evaluation: Film, DVD, TV, Webseries, Youth ages 2-5
Evaluation: Film, DVD, TV, Webseries, Youth ages 9-18
Evaluation: Audio, Youth ages 2-5
Evaluation: Audio, Youth ages 5-8
Evaluation: Film Festival, Youth ages 8 to 18


Submit a Title for Endorsement or Film Festival

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