KIDS FIRST! Best Awards

Mallory Lewis and Lamb Chop

Lisa Strout
Lisa Strout, Director, NM Film Office
KIDS FIRST! Best Awards

Brooke Wilcher
Brooke Wilcher, Walden Media
KIDS FIRST! Best Awards

Chris Kientz

Chris Kientz, Producer, Raven Tales
KIDS FIRST! Best Awards

Mike Devillo.Mallory.LC
Mike DeVitto, Mallory Lewis, Lamb Chop
KIDS FIRST! Best Awards

Ed Green.Bowman
Dr. Ed Greene, Jon Bowman
KIDS FIRST! Best Awards

The KIDS FIRST! Best Awards are currently on hiatus. Please check back.

KIDS FIRST! Best Awards honor films that exhibit excellence in filmmaking for children and offer pro-social benefits beyond simply entertainment. Student and independent films are judged in their own categories to provide them the best opportunity for judging among their peers.

Two-thirds of the awards are given to independent and student productions. Additionally, there are often special awards which vary from year to year. Past awards have been sponsored by Moving Pictures Film & Television honoring movies that matter and our own Palmer-Vision Award, honoring those who "exemplify caring, expertise, wisdom and vision for children's educational programming. Additional awards are given from time to time for outstanding performances, emerging new youth talent and similar categories.

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FAQs for Producers

Answers to frequently asked questions from producers and screenwriters.

"KIDS FIRST! Rocks!" As Shari Lewis's daughter I have spent a lifetime in the business of quality kids entertainment. KIDS FIRST! is the premier organization out there watch-dogging the industry and honoring those that achieve! It is the greatest thrill to have our new DVD series, "Phonics 4 Babies," (created by Joe Giangrasso) honored as Best Short for Babies and Best of Fest, and I couldn't be more proud about receiving the Palmer-Vision Award. Thanks All! - Mally Lewis

"As family filmmakers and parents, we really value the wonderful work being done by KIDS FIRST! They are highly professional, a joy to work with, and provide a wonderful service to parents everywhere. We look forward to a long relationship with the organization." Jane Beaumont Hall (director, producer, writer) & Richard Doyon (producer, writer, actor) The Tillamook Treasure

"Wow! Who knew bedtime stories to my kids would wind up as books, a TV series, and now as part of the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival tour?... COOL," said Jim Jinkins, Executive Producer of Pinky Dinky Doo and Author / Illustrator of the Pinky Dinky Doo book series.

"What a wonderful gift KIDS FIRST! is providing for our children and our society. With studies showing a link between kids viewing violent programs and increased aggressive behavior, it is invaluable to have an organization to turn to, where the long work of sifting through the piles of media to find the gems has been done for us. It's an honor to have my short film, Dorme, recognized and take part in this important cause. You have inspired me to make this my cause as well, as I get to work on my next script and teach my own child conscious media viewing. Many heartfelt thanks." Sylvia Binsfeld, Director, Dorme, DreamWeaver Films

"It's easy to make the typical mindless junk that passes for entertainment these days - it is so much harder to make things that teach, entertain and have a message that sticks with you, that you want to savor and recall over and over. That's my mission and I know it's yours at KIDS FIRST! too Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this!"

"I wish to thank KIDS FIRST! for awarding my script 'I CAN! Fairytales - Dinosaur Adventure' a KIDS FIRST! recommendation. Thank you for sending the Juror's comments to me. They were tremendously helpful and I have revised my script based on their thorough and thoughtful suggestions. As a mom, I thank you for all of the work the Coalition is doing to encourage quality programming for our children. I believe it is crucial that quality programming be available for today's children and the support and encouragement you give producers to provide such programming is invaluable. I Thank you so much for your help!" Pamela Pedder, screenwriter, I CAN Fairytales, Dinosaur Adventure

Winners Comments

"We are really glad and honored to have been nominee for KIDS FIRST! 2008 Best Award! I received the award (2nd place) for my Indie short short 8-12 "The Kid" that you sent to me.

You can not image the joy that it have spread among us! This will be great for us!!! I could never thank you enough for this!

I will submit entry form my further projects in your KIDS FIRST! And if my new film selected, I hope we will be able to participate in USA. It would be a great pleasure for us.

Let me wish you the best of luck with your future KIDS FIRST!, and I hope that you have a great day. Regards from Brazil for you, Ranny Levy and all KIDS FIRST! Team. Thank you very much," Fernando Pinheiro

"Thanks so much for the great day yesterday- everyone involved did a really super job hosting and running the award event. It was a lot of fun and winning the award itself was icing on the cake!

Children's programming these days is filled with so much junk food for the mind, it was a real honor to gather together with a group of like minded people who feel we can do so much better entertaining and teaching kids with films and stories that uplift and inspire and give kids and families something that lasts longer. The connection we feel by being part of projects that come from the heart is so important, now more than ever.

Coalition for Quality Children's Media

KIDS FIRST! Best Awards and KIDS FIRST! Film Festival are projects of the Coalition for Quality Children's Media, a nonprofit organization supporting quality children's media since 1991.


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