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Rediscovering the True Meaning of Home

From Dreamworks comes a new animated feature, Home with an adorable misfit from another planet who lands on Earth, makes friends with the locals and everyone discovers the true meaning of the word Home. Starring Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Steve Martin, this film is filled with music and humor and is perfect for you to share with the younger members of your family. KIDS FIRST! Critics Harmony M. comments, “The film serves as great entertainment with its loveable characters, hilarious dialogue and feel good tone.” Madeline R. adds, “The message of this film is that family is important and it’s good to face your problems or fears instead of running from them.” See their full reviews and Gerry O’s interviews with cast and crew below. Home By Harmony M., KIDS FIRST! Critics, age 15 From DreamWorks, comes the delightful film Home. The film serves … - read more...


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Insurgent: Intense, Action-Packed and Touching

Insurgent.jpgThe highly anticipated film Insurgent opens this weekend and, from our KIDS FIRST! Critics comments, you won’t be disappointed. This second film from the Divergent series shows how Beatrice Prior must confront her inner demons and continue her fight against a powerful alliance which threatens to tear her society apart with the help from others on her side. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Brianna B. comments, “Insurgent has a strong message about choices. The choices you make affects what will happen later in your life, so you should always try to make the right choice.” See her full review below. Insurgent Reviewed by Brianna Hope Beaton, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 15 This second installment of the Divergent series is an action packed film with a great display of emotions from the entire cast. It’s intense and, at times, a little touching. I truly enjoyed viewing … - read more...

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Film Critics Boot Camps: Martha's Vinyard, DC, Brooklyn, Seattle and Santa Fe
KFFC.BootCamp.2015.jpgDo You ...Love, really love films? Love talking about the latest films?Envision yourself talking on the Red Carpet?

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Watching the latest films. Learning to write film reviews. Learning to talk about films on camera. Meeting guest film critics, producers and actors. Learning interview techniques. Improving your on-camera skills. Being coached by seasoned professionals. Parents ...

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Reviews of Cinderella, Sound of Music and Petra's Planet
KFCA.2014.jpgListen in as we review Disney's new, live action Cinderella starring Lily James, Cate Blanchett and Richard Madden. We'll also talk about Sound of Music and its 50th Anniversary DVD/Blu-ray/Digital release and the fantastic website for kids, Petra's Planet. Today's show is hosted by Keefer Blakeslee and Brianna joined by KIDS FIRST! Film Critics Haley Powell, Morgan Bertsch, Brandon Cela and Kamren Washington. - read more...

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Evolution of Film by Gerry Orz
Cineorama_camera.jpgIn the late 1800s, art took a huge leap, the first films were created. Of course, compared to modern films they were very basic - no color, sound, no steady cam. It looked like a whole bunch of pictures were taken with a cardboard camera. That was the first few films which were, at the most, one minute long. This illusion of moving pictures was what the first films looked like. In 1910, the first movie camera was made, a film camera. Today, a film camera is part of our every day life. But back then, it was revolutionary. A genius didn't need a movie camera to make a colored film. A person manually colored the film by making adding red, blue, yellow and … - read more...


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