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The Blind Side – Inspiring Tale Based on a True Story

More movies need to be made that are like this film! It is a thought-provoking, uplifting movie that is highly entertaining. This is a great family film that you can enjoy with your elementary, middle school, high school and even college kids. Sandra Bullock is a spitfire as Leigh Anne Touhy, a well-to-do wife and mom, with a compassionate heart. The film is based on the true story of the gentle, giant–Michael Oher, a homeless black teenager, who is taken in by the affluent Leigh Ann and her family and who eventually, with his new family’s encouragement, becomes a football star! Oher is currently playing in the NFL. The acting is great, especially on the part of Sandra Bullock, who won an Oscar as Best Actress for this role. The story is skewed towards the positive of what was going on, but it isn’t syrupy. The film inspires and make one feel hopeful about the world at large. There is no sex or graphic violence, just a super interesting story and some good filmmaking. Sit back, relax and enjoy. We recommend this film to families, and particularly those interested in sports.

Here is what our kid juror had to say about it: Loved it. I liked EVERYTHING about the film. The characters made you root for them. The story made me feel good about trying for a good future. The filming was good because you would forget you were watching a movie. The acting and the words they used were great and meaningful. The scenes and sets were so real feeling I forgot I was watching a movie. The costumes were great too. I liked how Big Mike first picked striped shirts that made him look like a big bumble bee. They used the costumes to show different life styles. You got to know everybody like family. My favorite part was the sports action scenes. Especially when Michael pushed the bully over the wall. I like the scenes where Michael suddenly realized he could do it and got really great at football and how surprised the other team was and how happy his team was. I would recommend this film to friends. And I did recommend it to friends and family and they liked it too because it’s a very meaningful movie and it’s a true story. It is for kids age 10 and up because of a little bit rougher scene with a group of guys Michael used to hang out with and I think really little kids wouldn’t understand the story. But for 10 and up they will love it, even grown-ups. It is a family kind of film.

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