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PBS Distribution today announced it is releasing “FRONTLINE: THE ECONOMIC MELTDOWN” on DVD. This DVD set includes five fascinating FRONTLINE programs about one of the worst economic crises in America’s history. From what caused the meltdown to the government’s plan to stabilize and fix the economy, these programs offer compelling behind-the-scenes insights. “THE ECONOMIC MELTDOWN” will be available on DVD beginning June 4, 2013. The combined run time of all five programs is 300 minutes. The programs come on two discs. The programs included in this collection are detailed below.

“Inside the Meltdown” – FRONTLINE investigates how the economy went so bad, so fast, and what Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson didn’t see, couldn’t stop, and weren’t able to fix.

“Ten Trillion and Counting” – All of the measures by the feds to stem the tide in the financial meltdown have added hundreds of billions of dollars to our national debt. FRONTLINE tracks the politics behind America’s mountain of debt.

“Breaking the Bank” – FRONTLINE draws on high-profile interviews with key players to reveal the story of two banks (Merrill Lynch and Bank of America) at the heart of the financial crisis.

“The Warning” – In the aftermath of the economic meltdown, FRONTLINE looks for clues about why it happened and examines moments when it might have gone much differently.

“Cliffhanger” – FRONTLINE goes inside the epic political battle responsible for America’s fiscal cliff and debt ceiling crisis.

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