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The Dog Who Saved Christmas Comes to DVD Dec. 8

What you do when a family wants you to be a guard dog, but you are afraid to bark? This is the dilemma Zeus the labrador faces when he is adopted into a family who wants him to protect their home. It’s up to Zeus to save Christmas as the family heads out of the house on Christmas Eve, and two bumbling burglars attempt to steal their presents. This entertaining story will have you laughing and cheering. Similar to the “Home Alone” movies, it’s filled with traps and ingenuity. Viewers get a good lesson on stereotyping and the dangers of believing rumors as they find out what the cat lady is all about. While this DVD shows a strong family bond, it does cast the grandmother in a very negative light and the husband ignores his wife’s wishes as he goes out to adopt a dog without her approval. The story has a heart-warming ending. “The Dog Who Saved Christmas” provides positive role models for overcoming fears.
KIDS FIRST! Child Juror Comments: I loved this because there was a dog who couldn’t bark and who would ever think a dog might not be able to bark? At the end when there were robbers he barked and the woman who they said hated dogs helped him. I think my friends would love this because they love animals, and it’s a pretty good story. I don’t think my friends who don’t like animals would like it. The set was good and made me feel like Christmas. DVD.
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