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Imaginative DVD Explores the Idea of the World’s Population Living as One Small Community

I love this DVD. It really puts things into perspective. The world is a very big place with so many faces in so many places, too many to picture, let alone know. But what if you could take the world’s population – over 6 billion – and see it within the confines of one united community of 100? Find out in the delightful and insightful If the World Were a Village, a story about the world’s people coming to DVD September 8, 2009 from Master Communications, Inc.

Based on David J. Smith’s best-selling, award-winning book, If the World Were a Village is an animated story that delivers an enlightening message and explores how general global statistics about age, language, economic and educational status, food and culture would break down if looking at only 100 people.

For example, out of 100 people:
· 61 would be from Asia, 13 from Africa, 5 from North America, 8 from Central and South America, 12 from Europe and 1 from Oceania (Australia, South Pacific, etc).
· More than half would speak one of eight languages: Chinese, Hindi, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Bengali, Arabic and Russian.
· Represented faiths would include Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Muslim and non-organized religions.
· 39 people would be under 19 years of age, 42 would be between ages 20-49, 18 would be older than 50 and 1 would be older than 80.

If the World Were a Village is a unique and objective resource, inspiring children to discover that life in other nations is often very different from their own. The compartmentalized stats, along with Smith’s tips on building “world-mindedness,” will encourage viewers to embrace the bigger picture and help establish their own place in the international landscape.

Chapters include: Welcome to the Global Village; Nationalities; Languages; Ages; Religions; Food; Air and Water; Schooling and Literacy; Money and Possessions; Electricity; Village in the Past; Village in the Future; Teaching Children About the Global Village; a Note on Sources; and How the Calculations Were Made.

If the World Were a Village has been honored as a 2006 Prix Jeunesse International Finalist, a 2006 Gemini Award Nominee for Best Direction and won the 2007 Alliance for Children & Television Award of Excellence and the 2007 Canadian Screenwriting Award.

The DVD is approximately 25 minutes and is available in English, Spanish or French

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