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Pahappahooey Island: Do it Afraid – Coming to DVD Nov. 17

Hunting for treasure is always fun, but sometimes there’s a catch. This is what the Pahappahooey team discovers when they find out that they have to face their own fears in order to get keys that will release their treasure. Along the way they discover that each individual has a different type of fear and what might seem fun and silly to one person (like puppet shows) is actually terrifying to someone else. The friends support each other as much as possible until one faces her fear, which is being alone. Through this experience she is reminded that she is never really alone because her creator is always there with her. This DVD assists children in working through problems or emotional issues and promotes service to and compassion for others. “Do it Afraid” doesn’t offer the message that there fear is silly, but rather that facing fear actually offers you freedom from fear. The cinematography is exceptional with adorable puppets and bright, lush sets. The title uses humor appropriate for its intended audience.
Child Juror Comments: Loved it. It showed you that you could face your fears and it’s not so bad. “When they’re talking about the creator, I think they are talking about God.” I think my friends would love it because they would like the characters. It’s kind of funny like when the woodchuck blew up the raft then the penguin said, “Hey, I found a raft!” Then the frog asked the woodchuck why he was out of breath. The voices were good. It looked pretty realistic for puppets, but sometimes you could see strings. That surprises you because they seem so real. Amazon
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