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Travel to the heart of South Africa this February

Follow your heart to this South African series that explores a hands-camp for chimps. Escape To Chimp Eden – Journey into the depths of South Africa and experience the fascinating events at Chimp Eden when “Escape To Chimp Eden” Season One arrives as a two-disc DVD for the first time on February 3 from Genius Products and Animal Planet. Heartfelt series follows conservationist Eugene Cussons, a South African rescue director for the Jane Goodall Institute’s Chimp Eden, as he travels throughout war-torn African countries to rescue neglected and abused chimps. Once brought to the sanctuary of Chimp Eden, Eugene works hands-on with these challenging chimps, sometimes putting his own safety on the line to teach them basic skills such as climbing trees and foraging for food. “Escape To Chimp Eden” Season One provides viewers with compelling stories that are both educational and adventurous.

This family drama reminds me of all the reasons why raising children forces you to use every interpersonal skill you have and more. “Jon & Kate Plus Ei8ht” Season 3 – Hardly your typical American family, nonstop chaos returns in “Jon & Kate Plus Ei8ht” Season 3. Following the super-sized family as they tackle seemingly ordinary activities such as visiting the zoo, vacationing in Utah, going to Disney World or celebrating the holidays, the #1 show on TLC showcases how the Gosselins manage their extraordinary lives raising two sets of energetic multiples. Featuring all-new extended episodes as well as a Gosselin family music video, “Jon & Kate Plus Ei8ht” Season 3 continues to offer insight into Jon and Kate’s unique approach to child-rearing. Twins followed by sextuplets were not exactly what the Gosselins expected, but Jon and Kate’s ambitious parenting and dedication to provide a normal childhood for their happy brood has helped the show attract a large and dedicated fan base.
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