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Learn to Chase Your Dreams with “The Dolphin”

Dolphin.jpg“I like the film “The Dolphin Story of a Dreamer,” because it has a message about following your dreams and listening to your heart, even when others tell you your dreams don’t matter.

The film is about a young dolphin named Daniel Alexander Dolphin, who has a dream to surf the biggest wave. He lives with a pod of dolphins and he is not suppose to wander outside of the lagoon. The other dolphins in his pod have given up on following their dreams, and are happy to live in comfort in the lagoon, but Daniel wants more. When a kind stingray enters the lagoon and tells Daniel to never give up and keep following his heart he decides to leave the lagoon to find his dream.

My favorite part of the film is when Daniel surfs the giant wave and shoots through the tube. I love when he is inside the wave. It is magical.

My favorite character is the little tiny dolphin, named Sparky, who gets so excited about everything and acts like he is on a sugar rush and then falls over exhausted and goes to sleep.

The background in the lagoon is beautiful. The animation has lots of detail. The small brightly colored plants swaying in the water and sunlight are very realistic but magical too. Some of the animation I don’t like. For example the dolphin’s teeth are too sharp and that makes them a little scary and sometimes the mouth movement doesn’t go along with the voices.

I recommend this film to older kids or as a family movie because the messages might be hard for young kids to understand and might be boring. I feel some of the messages get over-played and sometimes I lose interest. Younger kids might think the shark is scary, but compared to Nemo, it’s not too scary.”

MakaiCcolvin.jpgReviewed by KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Makai Weber Colvin (age 9)

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